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Who Was I in a Past Life?


There isn't a person on this Earth who hasn't thought about whether reincarnation exists and who they might have been in a past life. We live in a material world, which we are connected to and depend on. However, we must tune our consciousness to be sensitive to the vibrations of the nonmaterial world, to discover the secrets related to karma and rebirth. In order for a person to find out who they were in their past life, they must regularly exercise their consciousness and meditate.

If we contact a medium or astrologer, they will most likely be able to tell us who we were in our past life but it would be far more exciting for a person to discover their past lives themselves.

Every person has an imagination and can imagine different things. The mechanism for going back to past existences is not complex but requires concentration and strong will.

The first thing you must do is create the appropriate external conditions, such as quiet and absolute privacy.

Begin meditating by gradually relaxing all parts of your body. Breathe rhythmically.

Gradually go back in time, by remembering what you did last week, on your last birthday, remember important past events. Go back chronologically as well, to become more easily oriented about the past. At some point, you will be able to go back to your own birth and before it, because our arrival in the world and all other existences are stored deep in our subconscious and one must simply get to them.

Hypnosis is also another way to discover who you were in a past life. Its goal, much like the goal of meditation is reaching the subconscious, which functions at a deeper level than the level of normal human perceptions. It is in fact the subconscious that stores all the information of all our reincarnations.

Many people have a hard time explaining rebirth and this is quite logical. Many religious studies focus on this topic but there is still no full explanation. It is normal for us to tend to believe that there are past lives since everyone has been in a familiar situation, as if they have been there before.

Christianity denies reincarnation but many religious views accept it as a main principal. Such as Hinduism and Buddhism. In these, rebirth is seen as a major part of reality. The existence of reincarnation is constantly mentioned in the Kabbalah as well.