What Fate is Trying to Tell you Through the Numbers it's Showing you Most Often


If you often find yourself seeing the same numbers over and over, this is no coincidence; it is fate trying to guide you. What the pointers actually are depends on the number that you encounter most often.

Numerologists claim that different numbers can come to us in different periods of our lives, with which the Universe is metaphorically trying to tell us what we should do.


So think about which number from 1-9 you encounter most often and find out its meaning. You may receive valuable guidelines if you're debating which road to take or save yourself great difficulties in the future.


It's time for a new beginning - time to turn your back on the past and look toward the future. To do this you need to gather up your courage and take risks, instead of sticking firmly to your comfort zone that isn't bringing you any progress.


You have to become more diplomatic and seek common ground between yourself and those around you, instead of differences. Learn to cooperate and create bonds. Don't act spontaneously and alone, instead seek the opinion of those around you on issues that worry you.


You have to think about enriching your intellectual capacity. If you haven't signed up for an educational course in a long time, then it's time to do so. Try to search for new things and expand your horizons through knowledge, rather than turning an ear to drama and gossip.


A period is coming in which you're going to have to bring more stability to your life via hard work every day. You have to get back down to earth, rid yourself of all your illusions and develop what's realistically in front of you. Start to save money and take care of your health.



It's time for changes, so be more open to the novelties because they are a better alternative than what you have available at the moment. Say goodbye to your prejudices and limitations and try to be more open both in your way of thinking, as well as in your behavior.


You're going to meet your soul mate, an event that's going to be more than just another fling. Soon you are going to experience strong emotions and will have to open your heart to the other person, revealing your feelings openly instead of hiding them.


A period of self-improvement lies before you, one which you're going to have to go through alone. The coming weeks and months aren't going to be the easiest but every problem is going to lead to better things, as long as you analyze the events in detail.


Your attention is going to be focused on the financial side of life. It's time to bring order to your budget and pay off old debts. Think about how you can assure better material stability for yourself; you may even start your own business.


It's time to clear things up with those around you and heal your old wounds, in order to continue forward. Accept the fact that you were hurt and clear up the conflicting situations to leave the past behind you.

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