Four of the Most Deceitful Zodiac Signs in Astrology

There are 4 zodiac signs known for their guile, even though not everyone is aware of these qualities of theirs. These are the ambitious Aries, the moderate in everything Taurus, the unpredictable and constantly changing Gemini, and Scorpio, who is always ready to strike the killing blow.

Aries is ready to do anything to achieve what he has in mind. At such times, loyalty is just a word, while friendships mean nothing. To achieve his goal, Aries is capable of sacrificing relations, that have taken years to build, in the most treacherous way possible.

After the fact they even wonder why the friends they've abandoned no longer wish to have anything to do with them. For Aries, treachery is a way of life and if on a given day he fails to demonstrate this, it's a wasted day for him.

Taurus is patient and very difficult to anger. He is temperate and not the conflicting type. But when his honor is at stake, that's when his deceitful character manifests in full force.


Taurus chooses the right time and place to take his revenge on the person who has hurt him. But in most cases he simply withdraws, when least expected, and nothing is capable of making him change his decision. Whenever he wants to achieve something, Taurus is capable of committing a lot of trickery but would never betray his friends.

Geminis are unpredictable - no one knows when and how their treacherous nature will manifest. Without being malicious, Geminis are simply inherently deceitful, it's part of who they are and they can't do anything about it.

They are not vengeful but should anyone insult them or their friends, there's no force on heaven or Earth to stop them from using their craftiest methods to make the condemned get what he deserves.

Scorpio possesses a specific type of guile which makes him act methodically and plan his revenge long and carefully. He never attacks right away, for him the insidious vengeance that will lay complete waste to whoever gets in his way is a matter of fine-tuned precision.

Scorpio can take months to prepare the details of his revenge, and when the moment comes, he attacks, utterly devastating the one who dared oppose him.

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