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The 4 Most Prideful Zodiac Signs

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Some of the zodiac signs are true kings and queens of pride. They are very touchy, are easily offended and jealously guard their honor and dignity from criticism and insults.


Most prideful among the zodiac signs is Leo. Besides being prideful, representatives of this sign also have a very high self-esteem and do not allow others, relatives or not, to criticize them in any way.

In fact, they would like for every task completed by them to be praised sky high. Male Leos are distraught whenever someone does not appreciate their work or a gesture they've made. Their sense of honor will also be troubled if you don't show them special treatment.

Female Leos are incredibly touchy about their appearance. Their dignity is hurt anytime you make a comment about their clothes or hair or if you tell them that another women is more beautiful than they.


Aries is another extremely prideful zodiac sign. They too love being flattered, and if someone were to criticize them, they attack them directly and have no second thoughts about starting a huge argument, even if it's about something inconsequential.


Aries are ready to protect their merit at all costs and are simply not capable of giving ground to their pride. Representatives of this sign are highly unforgiving and will reproach you any chance they get about the time when you hurt them.

Aries loves being a mentor to others or a group leader and whenever someone tries to better them or laugh at their role, they feel incredibly flustered.


Even though not evident very often, Scorpio is also immensely prideful. As opposed to the fire signs however, representatives of this sign can handle slight criticism, as long as it doesn't come in the form of sarcasm or ridicule.

Scorpios have a limit within which they allow jokes and the criticism of others. But when they sense provocation regarding their dignity, their tolerance vanishes in an instant and they tend to argue and seek revenge.


For representatives of Cancer, there is one thing which they don't tolerate jokes or criticism toward and that is their family. Their pride immediately surges whenever someone touches on the subject of family.