Nanorobots in our Brain to Make us Superhuman in 2030


Leading computer experts are going beyond their normal fields of expertise. They say that if we were to place small robot-implants linked to computer networks in the human brain, this would then allow us to have direct contact through them.

Ray Kurzweil, who is currently developing a Google program for machine learning, shares that this sort of technological approach may be the next step in human evolution.

He states that this opportunity will make us closer to God. Our brains will advance to unfathomable new boundaries when connected to the cloud of information.

According to the inventor/futurist, by 2030 at the latest, humans will be using nanobots that will penetrate into the neocortex of the brain and provide us access to the worldwide network.


This way, everyone will be able to send all kinds of information, letters, pictures and messages directly through the brain. This will allow the global network to archive our memories and thoughts, while at the same time helping us enhance our creativity and emotional capacity.

Kurzweil is among the greatest supporters of plugging nanobots into the human brain. He believes this will help us further develop all of our qualities.

"Humans will become more fun, more sexy, more musical and better at expressing emotions, " he adds. Merging the human brain with artificial intelligence will allow for its expansive growth, and who knows, maybe one day humans will have their full brain capacity at their disposal.

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