Types of Revenge Based on Zodiac Sign


Every person gets revenge a different way, depending on their zodiac sign, when they feel affected, whether the offense came from someone they hardly know or their closest friend. When it comes to revenge, some star signs have no equal.

Those born under the sign of Aries cannot conceal their emotions and react the very instant they feel hurt. They are capable of blowing up in seconds and not just saying what they really think but even assaulting the person with punches and kicks.

The Taurus is not so emotionally unrestrained. If he feels injured, he takes no action to get revenge but simply begins to ignore the person that has caused him all the pain he's suffering from. Even if years pass, a Taurus will only smile, without saying a word, and turn their head the other way.

Geminis have a very tough method of getting revenge. It has nothing to do with physical violence, as is the case with Aries, but with spreading the worst possible rumors about the individual who dared to do something bad to the one born under the sign of Gemini.


Persons born under the sign of Cancer will look at you with sad puppy eyes, swimming in tears and you'd be hard-pressed not to feel horrible that you've hurt such a sensitive person. But as soon as a Cancer feels that you're losing the ground under your feet, they may fall into an emotional crisis and hit you with something heavy, without even thinking that they might physically hurt you.

Leo is among the most vengeful signs. He won't give any indication that he's affected but will begin to plan his revenge step by step and will strike you where you'd feel the most pain. Even if months or years pass, Leo will continue to get payback for the mere fact that you dared try to wound him.

Virgo is among the signs that have the least tendency to get revenge. But if you seriously anger a Virgo, you should expect payback to come the official route. Virgo is not the type to get revenge secretly, they want you to know that they have returned the favor.

Persons born under the sign of Libra are tough but their ideas of revenge are somewhat peculiar. The majority of representatives of this sign believe that the best revenge is to make the friends of their enemy grow distant from them. That is why Libras will do everything in their power to achieve this.

Scorpio enacts his revenge using a well-thought-out plan. There is no way anyone born under Scorpio will ever forgive anyone who has caused them trouble. Slowly and with precision, they come up with their plan and as soon as their adversary thinks that everything's behind them, Scorpio goes in for the killing blow.

Sagittarius is also not the type to easily forgive. Just like Scorpio, he works out the details of a plan he's preparing, to bring the person who brought them unpleasant moments to their knees. A Sagittarius can put on a friendly smile, while at the same time waiting for the perfect moment to strike.


Capricorn believes that the best revenge is one that is truly sour. But most of the time he resorts to childish pranks that he plays on his enemies. For example, if a coworker plays a trick on him, the Capricorn will then pour a little laxative in his coffee right before an important meeting.

Aquarius is resilient against emotional attacks and if he really feels severely distressed he will get back at you in a way that is exceptionally well hidden. Aquarius will act like your best friend the entire time, and then, without you even noticing, he'll lead you into a tangled situation, which you'd have a hard time getting out of.

Pisces suffer intensely whenever someone tries to insult or hurt them. But after the 1st emotional crisis passes, they put their friendly smile back on and get payback by giving their enemies seemingly well intentioned advice, whose goal is actually to ruin their lives if they follow it.

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