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Shortcomings of the Gemini Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

Persons born under the sign of Gemini have several shortcomings but do also possess very good traits that compensate for these. However, it couldn't hurt for one to know the shortcomings of this zodiac sign, in order to better handle the challenges you may face if you're close to them.

Gemini don't always keep their end of the bargain but in turn expect others to keep theirs.

For Geminis it's completely normal to be late 2 hours to an important meeting but if the person they're scheduled to meet is even 1 minute late, with Gemini already there waiting, this will infuriate them.

Whenever they expect someone to do something for them, Geminis want it to happen as soon as possible, but if they're the ones who have to do something, it's nothing out of the ordinary for them to not only not complete it on time but to forget about it altogether.

Geminis easily agree to do something but it's extremely hard for them to get to the actual part of carrying it out.


For those born under this sign it's more important to say that they'll do a given thing, for them this is enough. They rarely go through with the tasks they've signed up for but when they do, they are extremely precise.

Geminis are erratic when it comes to love, unlike their relationships with their closest friends. They will always pick up a call from a friend and rarely forget about a meeting with them.

But when it comes to flings, Geminis are capable of not picking their phone up for months and making that person feel cast out and undesired, then act as if nothing had happened.

Geminis need to constantly keep their interest up toward a given person, in order for them to have long-term relations with them. Those born under this sign get easily bored of everything, while their goals no longer seem interesting once they achieve them. This is why it's no easy task to hold the attention of a person who is a Gemini zodiac sign.

Geminis have a great sense of humor but it's often aimed at making fun of loved ones.

Geminis dislike easy victories and if they aren't met with resistance from the person across from them, they lose interest in having contact with that person altogether.