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Which Mythological Villain are you Based on Zodiac Sign?


We all know that Aries are persistent, that Taureans are gourmands and stay-at-homes, while Geminis have 2 sides to them - one that is not suitable for showing in front of others, and the other - even worse. Each of the zodiac signs has its cute little shortcomings, which correspond to a great extent to some mythological villains and dark powers.

Aries - Zmey Gorynych

It's no accident that they compare representatives of this zodiac sign with the 3-headed, dragon-like creature from children's tales. Aries are impulsive, prideful and self-confident. Often, words spew from their mouth that wash over their poor company like real fire and brimstone. They have a high opinion of themselves and leave only a fiery trail in their wake.

Taurus - House Spirit

The stay-at-home Taurus greatly resembles a house spirit. He is caring but jealous, unyielding, egotistical and blinded by material goods. He will keep your home clean and maintain control over you finances.

Gemini - Forest King

Geminis can be likened to a forest king or 2 of them. They drive others crazy with their changing moods - at times they are as blazing as a forest fire, while seconds later it's as if a Siberian frost is blowing from them. They never admit their mistakes, are selfish and unfortunately are not the kings of punctuality.

forest spirit

Cancer - Kikimora

The image of the Kikimora is typical for Slavic mythology. This mischievous house spirit can also be a very helpful aid if you can manage to put it at ease. One one hand, the Kikimora is selfless, generous and will keep your secrets from everyone. But should you betray it, you will bear witness to its merciless essence and hard outer shell.

Leo - The Cat Storyteller

The big cat Leo is a typical example of the sneaky and opportunistic nature of the representatives of this animal family. He can talk for hours about his greatness, convincing you that he is the crown jewel of creation and will try to blind you with his majesty. There's no doubt that he's gifted with intellect and magnetism but sometimes it's just a little too much for everyone around him.

Virgo - Baba Yaga

Virgos fit wonderfully into the image of the storied Baba Yaga. We're not talking about vision but rather in spirit - they are reserved but curious, with an inborn tendency for gossip. Virgos have no qualms about putting windbags and idiots in their place with a strict remark, as well as bringing down some arrogant, mighty champion back down to solid ground.

Libra - Mora

For all those who have never heard of it - the Mora is a malevolent spirit of a person who has suffocated or died a violent death. Libras, like Moras, are gloomy creatures tormented by the ever-present questions - what dress to wear, who to go out with, what to have for lunch? Those unfortunate to hang out with them have described them as a mixture of a horrible fate, slight derangement and darkness. Don't believe us? Just go out shopping with a Libra.

Scorpio - Rusalka

These mermaid-like creatures are the perfect description of the mental state of Scorpios - not human enough to be able to come to an understanding with them, and not fish enough to cook up something delicious. Scorpios, like Rusalkas, will expect admiration, dedication and complete devotion from you. If they don't receive these, you'll see their distasteful and arrogant side.


Sagittarius - Cyclops

Generally, Sagittarians are kind people having 2 eyes. Except when you decide to disrupt their peace and spiritual comfort. Then this kind individual will pull out a weapon and try to murder you on the spot, so to speak. They are idealists, honest and open, but lacking tact.

Capricorn - Koschei the Immortal

Representatives of the zodiac sign are goal-oriented, ambitious and think themselves invulnerable and untouchable. Until of course a Vasilisa the Beautiful comes along and breaks their heart. They insist on justice and will forgive your insult or unrighteousness only after they've taken their revenge.

Aquarius - Solovei the Brigand

Also known as Nightingale the Robber, this fairytale spirit has nothing in common with the happy little bird that brings song to the world. Solovei the Brigand is a gigantic bird that brings about the downfall of brave heroes with its nightmare song. Aquarians are independent, creative persons, constantly seeking and never finding. They're never worried about trying their hand at new things in life and starting over again and again when they fail.

Pisces - Water Spirit

Understandably, representatives of this water sign are often compared to water spirits that live on the bottom of a deep, murky lake. If you're drowning, they will help you reach the bottom more quickly, telling you the whole time how lucky you are to have fallen in that exact lake. They are adventurers, living in their own imaginary world and are simply not ready to substitute it for reality.