Synchronicity - Nothing in Life Happens by Chance


The psychiatrist Carl Jung defined the principle of synchronicity as an occurrence for the first time. He adamantly rejected coincidence and believed that all events were connected in one way or another.

Synchronicity is the phenomenon, according to which, no events in life are a coincidence. All "coincidences" are the result of a specific law and show the relation of occurring events to the personality of any given person.

According to Jung, there are 3 types of events that are related to the synchronicity phenomenon. These are:

- Events that people see in their dreams;


- Events that have yet to take place;

- Events that show the interrelationship between people's thoughts and the world around them.

One very simple example of the principle of synchronicity has to do with thoughts. Whenever you are thinking about someone and the next thing you know they call you or you see them - this is not a coincidence but synchronicity.

The main idea, ingrained in the principle of synchronicity, is that we ourselves, intentionally or unintentionally, control the events in our lives.

Therefore there is no way for us not to mention the link between synchronicity and the power of positive or accordingly - negative thinking. There are many theories on synchronicity.

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Based on some of them, a certain event happens in our life because we ourselves think about it a lot. Whenever we direct our thoughts toward an idea, we help it actually come to pass.

The people that believe in synchronicity suppose that this applies not only to the positive but also to the negative events in our lives.

There is no completely logical explanation for synchronicity. The phenomenon has not yet been scientifically proven. Still, quantum physics finds synchronicity to be possible to some degree.

According to it, everything around us is connected on an atomic level. Therefore, a change in one area can lead to the change in another.

The best way to follow the principle of synchronicity is to think positively and truly believe that every single event (even a negative one) is an important life lesson that we had need of.

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