Our Gifts Are Evident Based on Our Eye Color

Our Gifts Are Evident Based on Our Eye Color

Eye Color

According to American scientists, people's talents can be found out just by looking at eye color.

Scientists have discovered that people with blue eyes are more talented than those with black or brown eyes.

Experts at the University of Louisville believe that blue-eyed people always have phenomenal abilities in some field.

Scientists share the opinion that persons with blue eyes have a joyous fate and great chances for success.

Luck accompanies those who are blue-eyed not only in school and career but also in love. They possess the gift of stealing the hearts of all around them quite easily.

According to the head of the study, professor Joanna Rove, folks with blue eyes have strongly developed strategic thinking and do exceedingly well in sports such as hockey and golf.


The team of experts is still unable to give a specific explanation for this phenomenon.

They point out that our eye color is the result of a genetic "game" and we do not inherit it directly from our parents.

Persons with green eyes are highly delicate and sincere. They have the gift of listening closely to their speaker. Their friends value them for their goodness and loyalty.

Green-eyed people are gifted with a rich imagination and perform remarkably in leadership posts.


Those who possess brown eyes are gifted with superb wittiness. They are temperamental and volatile but quickly forget their insults.

They communicate easily with people and are distinctly amorous.

Persons with black eyes are energetically powerful. They possess a high viability, initiative and an apprehensive character.

Astrology dictates that a person's look depends on their zodiac sign.

Aries have a piercing and "fiery" look.

Tauri have well-defined brown eyes.

Gemini possess a wicked look.

Cancri bear a serious look.

Leos possess a magnetic look.

Virgos have naive eyes.

Libras possess a soft and dreamy look.

Scorpios have dark and seductive eyes.

Sagittarii are distinguishable by the "sparks" in their eyes.

Capricorns have a staring look.

Aquarii possess a thoughtful look.

Pisces bear a secretive look.


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