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Our Suitable Partner Based on Our Ascendant

Antonia R.Antonia R.

According to astrology, the 7th house which our ascendant falls into is in charge of our marriage partnerships. The zodiac sign that your ascendant is in reveals the type of partner you would need for a stable marriage.

The ascendant can also be used to determine the types of people that are completely unsuitable for romantic relationships. They must be avoided because either their character is obnoxious or they will only bring out the darkest sides of you.

For people whose ascendant is Aries, suitable partners are Libras. Partners of this zodiac sign will grant them the necessary peace, calm and romance. They must not get into relationships with Scorpios, since they are too tyrannical and their obsessive and jealous nature will not be to their liking.

Persons with a Taurus ascendant should look for a person of the sign of Scorpio. Those partners are plenty loyal, stable and reliable to earn their trust. They need to avoid Sagittarius, for those signs are too unpredictable, erratic and spontaneous for their taste.


For those with an ascendant of Gemini, appropriate partners are Sagittarii. With such a partner, they will enjoy variety, dynamics and adventures in love. On the other hand, they must avoid Capricorns because they are excessively cold and have a hard time expressing their feelings.

For Cancer ascendants, the ideal partner is Capricorn. This sign is a successful and stable enough partner for them. Representatives of Aquarius are inappropriate, for they highly value their freedom and independence and rarely settle in one spot.

People whose ascendant is Leo must seek Aquarius if they wish to be with the ideal partner. They will forge a powerful spiritual connection and friendship with them. Leo ascendants need to stay away from Pisces, since they often appear characterless and let themselves be carried away by the flow.

Individuals with a Virgo ascendant will find the perfect partner in Pisces, because they have need of compassionate, supportive and empathetic partners. They need to avoid Aries since they are extremely restless, loving drama.

People with a Libra ascendant will enjoy a harmonious marriage with representatives of Aries, since they are dynamic, open and active. Representatives of Taurus are ill-suited because their need to own people won't be liked at all by someone with an ascendant of Libra.


For a Scorpio ascendant, an ideal partner would be someone of the Taurus sign. They will meet their needs in the material and spiritual aspects. Scorpio ascendants would not be happy with representatives of Gemini, who will simply not understand their problems.

Sagittarius ascendants can find the perfect partner in Gemini. With them, they will find equality in the relationship, as well as understanding. They must not get together with Cancer, for they dislike changes and avoid surprises.

Persons with a Capricorn ascendant will find complete happiness with a member of Cancer. These types of partners will ensure a cozy family atmosphere that they need. They should not get together with representatives of Leo because they will constantly incite their jealousy.

For individuals with an Aquarius ascendant, the ideal partner is Leo since with them they will be spoiled, will enjoy the high self-confidence and authority. It is advised for them to stay away from representatives of Virgo, because their boundless consistency and organization will irritate them.

For a successful marriage, people of the Pisces ascendant need to look for Virgo representatives. With them, they will receive the dedication and responsibility that they need. If they fall in love with a Libra representative, they will only suffer due to their indecisiveness and constant deliberations.