How to make solar water and what it is useful for

How to make solar water and what it is useful for

Plain water becomes structured and is very useful if you charge it with solar energy. However, if you can charge water that is from a river or tap, it should be previously purified with a water filter.

To make solar water, pour it into a glass container and leave it in the sun. Leave it for three hours, after which it will be loaded with yang energy. This water is very useful in rooms where people are constantly fighting, and rooms where someone is ill.

If there is currently no bright sun, there is another way to charge the water with that energy. Close your eyes and imagine that the water in the glass is filled with sparkling rays of sunshine.

Continue to imagine it until you feel that solar energy literally brimming over the edge of the glass and the water in it is bight as light. Drink this water in great gulps, and imagine that the energy of the sun, fills your body filled with love, health, happiness, beauty and youth. Thank the water mentally and recharge it in the sun.

You can load a glass container of water with moon energy - that softens the energy in a room, where negative energies like anger and malice are exhibited. To charge the water, just leave a glass container on the terrace to soak the moonlight. Lunar water is suitable for drinking before bedtime, and her power in the bedroom can provide dreams without nightmares .

Lunar water is suitable for rejuvenating you. At full moon, when the energy of the moon is very strong, keep a glass of water on the terrace and a drop silver ring into the cup. The next morning, drink the water in the glass and imagine how you get younger and more beautiful.

It is better to drink water, solar and lunar, in the morning, on an empty stomach and at night before bed, as well as half an hour before meals and two hours after eating.

Solar and lunar water and also help faster healing. The water should be drunk by the patient or left in the container under his bed for one night. While charging with solar or lunar energy, the water should not be located near a television, computer, phone, or other household appliances.

Blue solar water is very useful. Find a blue bottle and pour clean water into it. Close the bottle with a cork or paper, but not with a metal stopper.

Allow the water to sit for one hour under the sun, until it is ready for use. It can be drunk, used to water flowers and hydrate pets, wash your face, clean a room and to wash fruits and vegetables . Sunshine and a blue glass make water become highly structured and purified against negative energy.

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