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A Year of Mars is Coming - What to Prepare for

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The upcoming 2016 will be under the influence of fiery Mars. According to numerology, the vibrational frequency of the year will be 9, which will test our patience and perseverance.

Since Mars is aggressive and brings with it a series of incidents, astrologers advise us to be more careful with our actions during the new year, for even the smallest mistakes can cause serious consequences for us or our loved ones.

It's also important to finish tasks we've already started, so we have a more peaceful year.

Considering that fiery Mars is also responsible for car accidents, we need to be more cautious when we sit in the driver's seat. People who have an upcoming operation need to find out as much as they can about the procedure before they undergo it.

We need to very carefully scrutinize the details of everything we take up because it's those little things we overlook that may cause us misfortune throughout the year.

Mars's influence will make us accept the challenges before us with an eagerness. The year is suitable for us to carry out even our most impossible plans. We'll have more strength, initiative and decisiveness.

Number 9

The coming 2016 will have a vibrational frequency of 9, which will test our patience and perseverance toward our high goals on the one hand but also present us with many opportunities for realization on the other.

In numerology, it is said that the number 9 brings an end to a cycle. You need to think about all of your big ventures from 9 years ago - which ones you realized and which ones you forsook.

Now is the time to put an end to everything that's holding you back and finish the projects that matter.

The year will drive us to be more generous to others around us. We need to be more sympathetic and give our love so that we feel happy and satisfied.

In a year with a vibrational frequency of 9, surround yourself with artistic, emotional and spiritual people.