Pearls bring happiness, but not to everyone


Pearls are a favorite stone of the eastern nations. Japanese for centuries believed that pearls help to return youth. It is believed that pearls can bring their owner the loss of hopes and dreams, as they present themselves in a negative force Moon.

Many centuries ago, the eastern nations believed them to protect the person from jinxes, you had to drink, at least once a week, powdered pearls with buffalo milk.

Pearls increased vitality and energy, a cooling and soothing effect. This is due to the fact that they take important initial elements - water, air and land.

It is good to wear pearls wrapped in silver, and if in a ring, it rests on the ring finger of the right hand. In ancient times, people believed that if you suck for a short time on a pearl, it will soothe your aching heart.

Pearls are a promise of truth and love, they strengthen the marital bond, and protect your home from evil forces. When a man cheats on his principles, if he has pearls, they become turbid.

In fact, pearls are aragonite platelets, which consist of calcium carbonate. Pearls are white, yellow, light blue, red and black. There are river and sea pearls.

Pearl collection

In Ancient Egypt, very highly valued were pearls that were white in color with pink shades, as well as with gold, silver tint, and hue of an iridescent rainbow.

Centuries ago, these jewels were mined only from sea and river mussels in warm places and the job of pearl hunter is considered very dangerous, because they had to dive to great depths.

Today, pearls are grown in special plantations. Still, natural pearls are extracted in Iran India and Tahiti. Wearing a necklace of pearls, you can enjoy peace, because pearls soothe the nervous system.

In ancient Egypt, it was believed that pearls give beauty to their owner. Cleopatra Every day, drank a drink, which was a dissolved pearl in vinegar, and it was decorated with pearl ornaments.

In the middle Ages the bride was gifted pearls to ensure her faithfulness. This was done by her parents or husband. But if the bride received pearls by inheritance from her mother or her grandmother, which they wore, she never put them on, because that brought bad luck. Pearl jewelry, when received as a gift from her husband, was worn only on ceremonial occasions.

Pearls bring luck and love to Aquarius and Pisces. Other zodiac signs can wear jewelry with pearls, if not working with children and are not actors or travelers. It is believed that to such people, they bring bad luck.

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