Jim Thorpe`s Story will Motivate you to Make your Dreams Come True

Jim Thorpe`s Story will Motivate you to Make your Dreams Come True

We've gotten used to constantly finding excuses for our failures. We blame the lack of the right opportunity and negative circumstances.

But the truth is that when a person really wants something badly, they will always find a way to achieve it. The inspiring story of Olympic medalist Jim Thorpe proves that dreams can become reality even when the circumstances are against us.

The person in the photo is Jim Thorpe - an athlete with Native American roots, who represented the US in the 1912 Olympic games. The rumor goes that on the day of the competition, Thorpe's sports shoes mysteriously disappeared.

It was thought that someone had stolen them, in order to prevent or ruin his performance. Despite this stroke of bad luck, Jim did non give up. He searched the garbage and managed to find an old pair of shoes.

One of them did not fit him but still he was not deterred. In order to be able to run stably, Jim Thorpe had to put on an extra sock to fill the space. He took to the field and won 2 gold medals.

His story is a perfect example that a person can be a winner, even when the circumstances do not favor him. Don't wait for the perfect opportunity, just act. Make your dreams come true today!


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