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A Unique Method Can Make Dreams Come True in 3 Days

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The German business consultant Bodo Schäfer shares that there exists a method with which any person can make their ideas and wishes come true in just 72 hours.

According to him, if a person wants their wishes to come true, they must not be afraid to take a step toward them.

Schäfer himself explains that if you follow his method, there is an 85% chance of even your innermost and secret desires coming true.

Schäfer claims that in order for your dreams to become reality, you must take specific actions related to your wish, which will signal your brain that your desire is important to you.

Your actions can be seemingly insignificant but need to be closely linked to your undertaking or intention.


Your actions can be aimed in 2 main directions - seeking information and sending electronic messages, which according to the German business consultant, have a strong and motivating effect.

Schäfer warns not to have any doubts when you want something, for this will increase your uncertainty and get in the way of reaching your goal.

Some time ago, writer and speaker Timothy Ferriss also created his own unique techniques for making wishes come true.

According to him, any idea can be realized within 72 hours if you cover 3 small goals related to your desire.


The chosen goals can be limited to 3 simple actions, which wouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to implement, but according to the author you will achieve your greatest desire through them and in just 3 days.

It is thought that the Universe can hear our pleas, but the little actions we take toward our dreams help us reinforce our faith that they will be realized.

That is why the community of psychologists, philosophers, writers and quantum physicists advise us to write down what we want most on a sheet of paper, or place a picture of it near us and soon our wish will come true.

It is not necessary to send your wish off toward a particular force, simply believe in its coming to pass and it will surely come true.