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A large ancient city has been discovered in the Amazon

A large ancient city has been discovered in the Amazon

In the Amazon jungle in the past there was a huge city which existed from 500 to 1500 AC., reported The Telegraph. Until now it was believed that the virgin forests were not populated. However, researchers were able to identify the remains of settlements that were inhabited by at least 50, 000 inhabitants.

Anthropologists from the University of Florida believe that the town in the southern Amazon had a high level of organization. It almost was a reminder of the Medieval Europe and the cities of Ancient Greece. The ancient village was surrounded by high walls and consisted of roads which were oriented northeast to southwest and originated from the central square.

The square represented an open space that could be used as a cemetery, and the market. According to Archaeologists the residents of the city used it as a place for public discussion. These places had location for about 15 major centers of which were related to other settlements and satellites.

Perhaps, the ancient city opened dams and ponds to have been used for fish farming. It is not excluded that ancient inhabitants of the Amazon were to deal with agriculture.

Probably most of the people inhabiting the city, were killed by the arrivals of Europeans in this region during the XV century. These arrivals were representatives of the tribe kuikuro, that now live in the mountainous areas of Shinguano.



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06.06.2013 12:20
Cambodge : Kompong Cham, Kratie, Kompong Thom
budding archaeo
budding archaeo
20.04.2013 22:24
Great, fascinating find. But what the heck is in that picture? Is that from China? Definitely not eve the western hemishpere - shameless misrepresentation by this site.