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Ancient people were much taller than now?

Ancient people were much taller than now?

The ancient people were much taller than they are now, U.S. researchers believe.

According to them, our ancestors have achieved a growth rate of 5-6 meters. A shrinkage of the size of the man has become as a result of evolution.

With mammoths happened the same thing. Their sizes were huge, but their successors (the elephants) are very small in stature, show the findings of the remains of these ancient mammals.

Ancient people were much taller than now?

It turns out that in fact all forms of life have reduced their size - crocodiles, tigers, and even predatory birds.

Shrinkage of all animals and humans, the researchers explain adaptation.

If you imagine how much food and water they consumed as 10-meter animals, and how much energy will be needed per person to capture them, to secure food, you will easily reach the conclusion that the smaller size of the animal means the probability of our survival is higher.



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09.04.2012 05:21
No wonder, muslims believe that Adam was 90 feet tall. I never thought this could be literally true and not symbolic..