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Prehistoric people were Cannibals

Prehistoric people were Cannibals

A new method of identifying the use of bones for food shows that people fed on each other during the prehistoric period.

On the bones of prehistoric people have been found impressions of teeth of Neanderthals and other human ancestors, and apparently they were gnawing on men.

Prehistoric people were Cannibals

The first people who colonized Britain after the last ice age, have practiced cannibalism twelve thousand years ago. It was a survival strategy.

When one of the people died, using his body for food saved time and effort to search for game. Moreover, they had nothing to do with the dead body, that would attract predators.

To understand the human traces left by teeth, on bones, researchers studied the raw and cooked bones of various animals used for food from four different groups of European nations.

In Namibia bones keep record, since the beginning of last century of which people gnaw on which tribe. They long refused to eat cooked food.

It turned out that when people chew or gnaw bones, they leave specific fingerprints - different tracks and curved surface line traces.

Since gnawing the bone usually occurs when a person wants to eat the last remaining piece of meat, it is believed that cannibalism was practiced only to the dead, after they are ritually killed.

Neanderthals ate also marine mammals shortly after birth. They hunted the young, which saved them from hunting large specimens that were dangerous.

In ancient China, people used stones to ease the process of chewing the meat. Whether you have been using stones for grinding and kneading of raw meat or not, people ate meat from very ancient times.