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Ancient people discovered cotton 34 thousand years ago

Ancient people discovered cotton 34 thousand years ago

Cotton came into use by the ancient people and had become a part of their everyday life from around 34 thousand years ago.

This could prove to scientists under the leadership of Professor Bar-Joseph of Harvard University after the survey of the cave Dzudzuana in Georgia was revealed.

The cave is known to archaeologists because it is one of the most preserved places in the world, and inhabited by ancient people.

They are "tame" for embroidery cotton and isolation of their clothes to make thread or the strengthening of leather bags.

"We tried to determine exactly when the cave was inhabited, how its inhabitants lived, what tools are hunted and how they use the hunting trophies such as bones and horns of animals. 'Discovered was the oldest known evidence of the use of cotton yarn from people', said Bar-Joseph to the magazine Science.

Finding Kvavadze Ellis from the National Museum in Tbilisi, Georgia, participating in the expedition. With a microscope Ellis found in the cave plenty of cotton fibers with a length of ten microns to one millimeter. Some of the fibers may have been decorated with natural dyes.