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Ancient Peoples Drove SUVs 14 Million Years Ago

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"It's naive to think that people were primitive in ancient times. In the past there were high-tech human civilizations which got around using SUVs, 12-14 million years ago, " claims Russian geologist Alexander Koltypin.

Koltypin works at the Moscow Natural Science Scientific Research Centre. The researcher recently returned home from an expedition which studied the Phrygian Valley of central Turkey.

Koltypin, whose area of expertise is geology, explains that in the valley he came upon mysterious tracks, which could not have by any means been the result of natural processes.

He believes that they were the fruit of engineering ingenuity and what's even more important - they can be dated with great accuracy.

He is convinced that the tracks he found in Turkey were made by ancient vehicles used by people that inhabited those lands 12-14 million years ago.

The scientist is categorical that since we've been able to find dinosaur tracks left in soft soil that eventually fossilized, then that means we can easily find tire tracks of ancient vehicles as well.


These ancient SUVs left behind symmetrical tracks, which at some points reach a depth of about 3 ft (1 m). This has made Koltypin assume that they were quite bit heavier than today's equivalents.

In some areas the parallel trail marks of the SUVs crisscross - there are even scratch marks left by their axes that have been preserved in some spots.

The geologist is certain that these tracks were made by vehicles used by ancient civilizations that existed long before our classical understanding of the origins of humankind that we accept today.

The researcher goes even further with his assumptions, stating the belief that the ancient earthlings did not even look like modern man.

According to Koltypin, there are actually signs of this ancient high-tech civilization all over the world. Despite this, other scientists collectively refuse to interpret or validate their existence.

The symmetrical fossilized tracks of an unknown vehicle have now been seen by dozens of scientists. They have looked at the distance between them, the so-called wheelbase, which is uniform throughout the entire site.

But despite the fact, the experts refuse to acknowledge their existence because they worry that they might find themselves in an uneasy situation.