Tibetans' DNA Appears Different Than That of Humans


After a study was carried out, it became evident that the DNA of the people of Tibet is fundamentally different from the DNA of the rest of the people on Earth. The scientists who performed the study claim that Tibetans belong to a mysterious group.

The study was done by a scientific team from the University of Berkeley. Contributors from the DNA lab in China also joined them. According to their research, Tibetans belong to a mysterious group of Homo sapiens.

The scientists state that to some extent this discovery explains the fact that Tibetans are the only nationality capable of living normally in extreme colds and thin air.

Rasmus Nielsen, head of the study at UC Berkeley, claims that the DNA of Tibetans differs from that of other Homo sapiens.


The professor studied the gene EPAS-1 and the results showed that Tibetans are not like other people.

Tibetans' mysterious DNA was studied for the first time in 2010 in Russia, and the group to which they are classified carries the name of Prof. Dennis, who first made the discovery of their dissimilar genes when compared to those of others.

Before Nielsen could present his theory, American scientists from the University of Utah managed to make another sensational find. They found 10 genes which allow the Tibetans to endure extended periods of time in environments with lower concentrations of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Tibet train

The superpowers of the Tibetan people have long fascinated the scientific community. They're the only group that can live normally at high altitudes, traversing the high peaks of the mountains with ease.

According to Buddhist monks, Tibetan yoga is the key to their endurance in the extreme colds of the Himalayas.

Thanks to it, the monks claim that they can control their body temperature and walk for days through snowstorms. Some monks even say that they gain telepathic abilities after yoga.

The phenomenal abilities of Tibetan monks have been studied for years, but there is still no logical explanation for their superpowers.

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