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Importance of insects to humans

Plamena M.Plamena M.

Insects are the largest group of animals in the world, classed as arthropods. They have a body consisting of head, chest and belly. Typical for them is that they have six limbs.

Insects are very important for human health and the bio balance of our planet. On one side, they are useful by playing an important role in maintaining the balance in nature. For some people, however, their manifestations are harmful, such as the invasion of locusts. In all cases, insects are of great biological importance because of their richness in diversity, behavior and social life.


Insects have appeared much earlier than men. Since at least 100-120 million years ago, insects are most numerous in species diversity and quantity in all multicellular organisms. This is extremely important because it is the most numerous species that are those that play a role in the organic world.

For too long now, insects are masters of living nature, and will be such for thousands of years. This makes people dependent on them.


For centuries people have lived with the knowledge that you need to conquer nature. We want to manage the elements and destroy all they need for a good life benefits. An ideal omnipotence is that of the human species who conquered nature.

However, these objectives are not performed or not as planned, due to two factors. The first is that our impact on the environment can and should be done only in its objective laws, and nature at times has proven to us that we are not the ones who set the rules.


The second is that gross interference, which we carry out, leads to results such as global pollution of air, water and soil, damage to flora and fauna.

The worst that happens is the extinction of many species of birds, mammals and insects. The problem is that the insects are not as large or well known as birds and mammals, nor are there so relatively few of them. More than likely, however, hundreds and thousands of insects are extinct as the fault of man.

Considering these factors and the fact that insects maintain eco balance, once again it appears that people kill themselves and all that surrounds them.

And if we continue to destroy the species that define our existence, the result will be the destruction of our species. This is a nightmarish cycle that will inevitably overtake us if we do not take timely measures.