Device for visualizing dreams

Device for visualizing dreams

A team of Japanese scientists invented a device that can visualize human thoughts and dreams on a computer screen. Currently researchers are equipped with technology that can reproduce simple pictures of the brain. The discovery is a step towards unlocking the mystery of human dreams and brain processes. By implementing this new technology it will become possible to record and play back footage subjective to what people call their dreams.

Scientists led by Yakiyaso Kamitani, focus their efforts on the identification processes that accompanied the retina. When viewed from an external object, the retina detects and turns it into an electrical signal that is sent in the visual cortex of the brain. The study actually examined exactly the same electrical impulse, and how one then reconstructed it into an image.

Since the publication of Interpretation of Dreams of the Sigmund Freud from more than a century ago, scientists working on the brain of sleeping people has become more active. Extensive analysis of researchers around the world are seeking ways to unlock the mystery human sleep.

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