Instead of Counting Sheep, Drink Sour Cherry Juice

Sour cherries

Have trouble sleeping and can't fall asleep until late at night? Sour cherry juice is a more effective way of overcoming insomnia than counting sheep.

American scientists have discovered that the juice from sour cherries is the most effective and harmless tool against insomnia. They carried out a study with 50 volunteers. The participants were divided into 2 groups - one drank sour cherry juice, the other one didn't.

The results showed that those who drank sour cherry juice slept deeper and longer. And further, that drinking unsweetened juice from sour cherries extended sleep time by an average of 17 min.

The red fruits contain a high content of melatonin, the hormone of sleep. It is to it that sour cherries owe their hypnotic effect.

Counting sheep

Experts recommend sour cherry juice instead of pills, since it improves a night's rest, without causing side effects.

Not only are the fruits beneficial, but their stems are as well. It has been found that they help against nephritis. Put 1 tablespoon of sour cherry stems, rosehip flakes and linden flowers in 3 cups of boiling water and boil for 5 min. Drink 1 wine glass between 4-5 times a day, on an empty stomach.

Sour cherries also protect the heart and blood vessels. Sour cherry sweets and desserts have a positive effect on the heart and protect against arthritis and gout, showed a study from the University of Michigan. Sour cherries contain powerful antioxidants, giving the fruits their saturated red color. Cardiologist believe that it is these same substances which ensure the heart's protection.


Increased consumption of sour cherries, from frozen to compotes and sweets, reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. They reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood and fat. Regular consumption prevents certain types of cancer and diabetes, claim scientists.

Sour cherries also help in the treatment of memory disorders. Instead of aspirin, you can drink a cup of sour cherry juice and thus soothe joint and bone pains. The beneficial effect of this fruit is explained by its decreasing the amount of uric acid, which causes joint and bone problems.

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