Monthly Numerology Prognosis for December


Calculate your personal number to determine what numerology has in store for you during the month of December. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - Make fun your top priority. Focus on meeting new people and having enjoyable conversation. Use your charm. If you're single, you'll soon end up in very romantic relations. This is not the time for any serious work; it's best if you realize this right off the bat. The month is devoted to fun, not getting to know others. Don't try to rush things to get to physical contact. You'll have plenty of time for intimacy next year. If you're in a relationship, go out often and enjoy fun walks and trips out in nature.

2. You'll have to put in some effort to get out of the boring routine. Regardless of whether you'd like to find a new job, get a new home or improve your physical condition, it's time to roll up the sleeves. Think and act like a marathon runner, not a sprinter. Remember that you can win the race slowly and with perseverance. Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, stop and gather your strength. You have more work than normal because you've been tasked with all of the organization around the holidays. Set realistic goals and when you achieve them, be proud of yourself.

3 - This December you'll finally be able to go wild. You've always been free-spirited but sometimes the restrictions at the workplace and at home don't allow you to fully unleash yourself. Don't be afraid to say what you're thinking and what you want. You'll have lots of opportunities for lots of social contacts, as well as for going from store to store. You'll also have time left for spiritual activities. Visit a holy place, carry out a ritual or simply pray for luck. Let work and responsibilities take a backseat. Excitement and adventures rule December, while you should expect a brief period of inactivity in January.

4 - This month you'll have to make personal sacrifices in the name of your loved ones. You may have to spend the holidays in a way that isn't to your particular liking. Perhaps some people won't feel like traveling during the holidays. You'll have to cut back your budget for expensive presents and set money aside for another noble cause. Be open to helping those closest to you with whatever you can. Sympathy may turn out to be the best present you can give. At the same time, it would be great if you set aside more time for the things that you truly enjoy.

5 - December will provide you the opportunity to reevaluate everything that's happened to you this year. Instead of going around partying, you may prefer to volunteer at a hospital or animal shelter. You won't feel like shopping in overcrowded stores and you'll choose to make your own gifts for family and friends. Solitary activities such as writing, reading and meditation will bring you peace and happiness. Don't give in to commercialization. The holiday season will be a lot more meaningful if you turn your attention to yourself. If you'd like to jump into the New Year headfirst, host a wild party.


6 - December will definitely be one of the most hectic months throughout the year. Opportunities for growth will abound. If you're applying for a high ranking position, you'll most likely get it. Be ready to do anything for the things you truly desire. Update your resume, put in all recommendations and you'll impress your future employers. Good preparation is always a plus during an interview. The month is suitable for applying for an office job or taking up a creative project. Your composure and confidence will earn you the public's trust. Stop hiding and unleash your abilities upon the world.

7 - This is a wonderful month to reevaluate the year that's coming to a close. What have you achieved? What would you like to improve? Where do you imagine yourself in 1 year? Finish everything you've started and enjoy a quiet break before starting work again. Set aside time from your busy schedule to revel in the holiday decorations, parties and spiritual renewal. You'll see friends and relatives you haven't seen in years. After this well-deserved break you'll be fully prepared for the new start in January. Next year promises to be one of the best you've ever had.

8 - Expect to go on a big adventure. The rare opportunity to create your own brand may in fact be presented to you in December. Don't be afraid to conquer new territories. In the beginning you might feel uneasy and uncomfortable but this is perfectly normal. Give yourself time. At least one helpful person will help you get through this maze of emotions and chances. Whether you get a new job, start a new business or relationship or get into an ambitious hobby makes no difference. The most important thing is to point your life in a new direction. Going down your current road won't lead to anything creative and you'll be quite bored.

9 - Do a tactical withdrawal on an issue important to you. Let your opponent make the first move. This will provide you the answer as to what the opposing side wants. You'll win as long as you don't reveal your trump cards until the very last moment. Your opponent will show respect toward your actions. You've always been appeasable and this has at times been to your disadvantage. This December you may reach a profitable deal. Observe, wait, listen and learn. Give evasive answers to direct questions.

11 - December will require lots of work but you're ready to take up this challenge. You'll achieve impressive headway if you continue to be as goal-oriented as you are now. You may have to get up earlier and work late. Do whatever is necessary to finish projects you've started, to deal with any conflicts or lay the foundations of a new business. If you're busy with creative projects, you'll slowly transition from the phase of inspiration to that of hard work. What's important is that you manage to overcome the challenges that the next 4 weeks will offer.

22 - You'll have the unique opportunity to help those you love. The winter break period is difficult for many. The high expectations, sad memories and financial stress may make some feel unlucky throughout this time of year. Luckily, the true holiday spirit thrives within you. Instead of organizing flamboyant events, invite a few people for coffee. Ask about a friend's health, to see if they're doing all right. Spend a movie night with someone who's having a hard time. Sometimes the simplest acts are the most important. Connecting with people is the most meaningful way of strengthening your bonds and mutually uplifting your spirits.

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