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Numerology Prognosis Until December 6


Calculate your personal number, according to numerology, to find out what's in store for you this coming week. It is the sum of the date, month and year of your birth. Keep adding up the digits until you get a single digit number or 11 or 22.

1 - Expect a lucky week ahead. If you're having financial problems or difficulties at work, this is the right time to come up with a new plan on how to deal with them. Sometimes, when you're headed in a new direction, it may seem as if everything's going against you. Don't give up - you'll see everything work out in the end. Be mindful about what you say and always think about the consequences of your words.

2 - It's highly possible for well-guarded secrets and deep feelings to come out in the open at the beginning of this week. You're bursting with energy, which may raise your expectations unduly. The first flutters of love or the foundations of a good idea might make you blind to the problems. Consider the advice of the people you trust. Don't rely on your pride to gain benefit. Expect good news and joyous events during the weekend.

3 - This week you need to show your appreciation to the people in your life. With just a little effort you can create very special memories. People in a relationship should reevaluate their priorities. Be strong, show character and protect your personal interests. Don't allow yourself to beg anyone.

4 - Don't let yourself fall into situations that make you feel unhappy, bored and empty. If you still can't avoid them, at least have the courage to change them. Avoid the routine that depresses you and do at least 2 things that make you happy every day. Remember that your feelings are important. The joy of love is beautiful at all ages.

5 - If you begin to make excuses whenever someone questions your relationship, it means it's time to rethink your priorities. Loneliness may be painful but to continue your relations with the wrong partner hurts even more. This week will pass under the sign of instability. If you're seeing someone you may abruptly end your relations or begin chatting with someone else. All uncertainties will be made clear by the middle of the week. That's when you'll glimpse into the opportunity for a new beginning.

6 - You'll end up in a stressful situation in which you won't know what to do. People make the right decisions only when they have nothing to hide. Share your feelings with a person you trust, who will help you get it together. Try to master your feelings. A new relationship is coming - a love or friend one. In your relations with others, there will be a certain degree of flirting and a benign teasing tone. Try not to take up any serious actions this week.

7 - A lucky week lies ahead for you. Many of the things in which you've put in effort will finally yield results. Others will tolerate you but you may fall within the boundaries they've placed on you so that you meet their expectations. Certain problems in your love life may arise. If you continue to keep secrets and refuse to admit the truth, you'll end up in a tense situation which will lead to unpleasant clashes. Don't believe gossip and don't share it. Rely on the facts. It's important to isolate yourself from the emotions of others and bet on the levelheaded move.

8 - The energy of this week carries the potential for lots of fun with friends, family and just about anyone who shares your interests. You feel divided because of the many responsibilities you've taken up in the past. Slow things down a bit. It's time to remember what real fun means. Find more time for yourself and the little things in life. You don't need to do anything complex or expensive - bet on what makes you happy.


9 - Taking risks or just facing up to a certain challenge will help you find what you're seeking. Act with confidence and you'll get your desire. The week is perfect for traveling. Even a short pause from the daily routine will give you the needed break. You may become beset by a feeling of anxiety. Flirting and seeking attention may be exciting and dangerous at the same time. Try not to make compromises with yourself just to feel desired.

11 - The hardships and challenges at work will provoke your creative energy. Don't be domineering because you won't achieve anything by it - neither at home, nor at work. Relax and let others also grab some of the spotlight. If you try to control the situation you risk causing a serious confrontation. Invest more energy in the areas that already work well for you.

22 - You're in your element this week. The cosmic energy is boosting your ambition and desire to succeed. The more social among you will be overloaded with energy. You risk being remembered as a person who never stops talking. Before you say anything, convince yourself of its authenticity. Friends and acquaintances who share your interests will be the sources of new opportunities. Popular individuals will help you enter the spotlight.