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Find out why women live longer than men

Find out why women live longer than men

Why do we, representatives of the female sex live longer than men? They were created from different materials and therefore women live longer than men, say Japanese scientists.

Worldwide the average life expectancy of women is 5 years higher than that of men.

Japanese scientists suggests that genes transferred from fathers may shorten the lives of their children. If the male genetic material does not participate in the creation of life, women can theoretically live 30 percent longer, says the Daily Mail.

Professor Tomohiro Kono of the Tokyo Agricultural University and Dr. Manabu Kavahara of Saga University have discovered that mice created from two biological parents, but without a father showed that 30% live longer than others that were created through a mixture of normal genes father and mother.

You must be wondering how you can create life from two mothers without a father? In 2004 Professor Kono developed techniques for genetic manipulation of embryos of mice, so as to perform the function of sperm.

But to return again to both genetics experiment. They found that mice with two mothers lived on average 186 days longer than normal.

According to Professor Kono, the results of the experiment can answer the question why women live longer than men: whether longevity in mammals is controlled by the composition of the genome of only one or both parents? And why do women have an advantage over men in terms of life expectancy?