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Poles Find the Mysterious Nazi Gold Train

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Two Polish men claim that they've found a Nazi-era train, filled with gold and precious jewels. The legend of this train has existed for years but it was thought to have vanished without a trace.

The train was thought to be lost shortly before the end of World War II, when the Nazis were trying to save as much as they could of their riches and weapons in Poland from the encroaching Soviet army.

According to initial reports, the train containing tons of gold and jewelry was discovered in the surroundings of Wrocław, which up until 1945 went by its German pronunciation Breslau, writes Reuters, adding that the rumor is not yet officially confirmed.

For the time being, the area has been sealed off and is being investigated by experts to determine whether this truly is the Nazi train that local legend speaks of.

Based on local rumors, the train was supposed to follow a secret tunnel into Germany and it was somewhere along this road that it disappeared decades ago. The fact that only a handful knew about the tunnel made finding the train a nearly impossible task.


It has been speculated that the train had to travel 492 ft (150 m) underground and besides valuables also had to transport weapons and important documents. Because of this the precise location of the tunnel and the route taken by the train were top secret.

In historical archives the mysterious train is dubbed the Nazi gold train but its existence has always been in question.

Some legends tell that it consisted of 24 railroad cars which transported gold and silver treasures, jewels and expensive paintings, seized mostly from Jewish families.

It is likely for the train to have been traveling between Budapest and German cities, with a hoard valued at a total of $200 million.

But for some historians, even if it did exist, the last cargo that the gold train had ever transported was looted by invading American soldiers at the end of World War II.