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Your Genes Determine When You Fall Asleep


Some lucky people can lie down and sleep at any time during the day, with this in no way ruining their nighttime sleep. Others cannot fall asleep early and go to bed way too late, which in turn makes it difficult for them to get up in the morning for work.

According to scientists, whether you are one of those people that tend to sleep more or those that never miss the first alarm no matter what time they went to bed, all depends on your genes.

Experts from California believe that our genetic traits can most accurately determine when we should go to bed - whether we are night owls or whether it's better for us to go to sleep early.

Experts proclaim that the parents of every person have genetically handed down the time that that person should go to bed in order to feel well enough the next day.

These exact moments are predetermined by our genes, claim scientists. According to them, if each one of us can find out when our body functions at its best, we will save ourselves many health problems.

Scientists also explain that each person has their own internal clock - it is composed of thousands of nerve cells in the structure of the brain. It is because of them that some people have the need to go to bed as soon as it gets dark, while others wake up at this time.

Waking up

And according to researchers from North Carolina, the mood we are in when we wake up depends on our sex. They are convinced that ladies are quite grumpy when they get up in the morning, as opposed to men.

Scientists never cease to remind us that lack of sleep can lead to various health problems and that women need a half an hour more sleep than men. It is not clear however, whether a woman will cease to show the bad side to her temper once awake, if she sleeps longer.

Another study reveals that the month of February is the one where we sleep the worst. Over 20 000 people took part in the study. Scientists point to the cloudy days and long nights as the reason for February being the worst month for our beauty sleep.