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Warning! Here`s the Kind of Person you Should Never Share a Bed with

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Judging a person by their friends is not an axiom that has come about accidentally. When we communicate with others we interact and exchange energy.

The more time we spend with a given person and the more intimate we are with them, the more our energies equalize. That is why we need to be exceptionally careful when it comes to the types of people we spend our time with and who we allow into our bedroom.

Let's say, for example, that you begin a romance with a player who has had many intimate relationships thus far. Not only are you going to pick up on their negative qualities and bad habits but also those of their previous partners.

Your auras and fates become intertwined and connected. As such, you must never allow a person whose behavior you disapprove of into your bed. If you do, there's a danger of you some day turning into a carbon copy of them.


On the other hand, if you're living with a person who motivates and inspires you, there's a good chance of you improving yourself. In just several months you'll take on some of their most valuable qualities and they will become part of your character.

So the next time you invite someone over to your bed, think carefully about whether you're ready to share their fate as your own.