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Find out What Summer has in Store for you Based on your Zodiac Sign

Antonia R.Antonia R.

The summer of 2016 is going to encourage us to seek stability and security. The majority of zodiac signs are going to have to carefully plan their actions and trust their intuition.

Aries - Big problems to come

This summer will be marked by drastic changes for you, as during the next few months you're going to radically change your way of life. Rely on your communication skills at work and don't let small problems affect your confidence. This summer you'll easily convince others of your point of view. Let intuition guide you in love, it will show you the right way.


Taurus - Prosperity in your finances

The season will begin with tension and disappointments but they will help you evaluate the people around you. Even though you're not going to like feeling betrayed by someone you thought close to you, this will be an important lesson for you for the future. It'll be good to focus on your finances in the next few months, where you'll reap much greater successes. There are good opportunities around you and the chances for making beneficial deals during the summer are high.

Gemini - Focus on your personal growth

Good and bad events will alternate one after the other during the next few months but you'll be loaded with enough positivism to focus only on the beautiful side of life. Use the summer to make some serious reflections on your romantic relationship or behavior in love. This season you have to invest more efforts in your personal growth and perfect some of your skills.

Cancer - You're going to have to make important decisions

During the next few months you're going to have to get rid of all doubts you have about your career and personal life. As early as June you'll be looking for advice for improving the situation you find yourself in. You need to be a bit more decisive in order to bring about the changes you dream of. Only toward the end of summer will your dreams start to get realized. You're advised to start a new hobby which can boost your confidence.

Leo - Expect a lot of fun and surprises

The summer will be full of fun and huge surprises. Starting June you'll be invited to various social events and parties more often, where you'll make a good impression and meet lots of new people. The season will bring fire to love relations, where you can be a little more spontaneous. Some small concerns are possible related to your family and home only.

Virgo - You'll get ahead in your career


During the summer you're going to have to concentrate more on your career and professional growth. You'll be charged with enough energy to prevent you from turning down any new assignments. This will bring you recognition and the promotion you've been dreaming of. Many opportunities for progress are opening up for those who work hard. But focusing on your work is going to negatively affect your love life and family relations.

Libra - Financial concerns during the first half of summer

The summer will begin with serious financial concerns due to your inability to limit your spending. During the first half of summer you're going to have to fight your desire to buy new things due to your lack of sufficient funds for this. But this is only temporary because starting July you'll be given the chance for a promotion at work and this will increase your earnings. On the love front, it's time to have conversations you've long been putting off.

Scorpio - Save money

The summer will be incredibly dynamic for you but there will be both positive and negative changes taking place. In the coming months you're going to have to balance between your wishes and those of the people closest to you. It would be wise to save more once summer is in full swing because you're going to need that money for important projects. You need to be more open in love and share more with your partner if you'd like to progress forward.

Sagittarius - Start something new

Surprises are going to come one after the other during the summer season. You have the opportunity for positive changes if you give in to your creativity and imagination. The season is suitable for something new. You can organize your life in order to feel happier and more proud of yourself but don't rely only on luck, instead put in more efforts. Huge thrills are expected in love, where you have to display more trust and support.

Capricorn - Focus on your home and family

You'll be focusing mainly on your home and family during the summer, with plenty of happy moments to come. The upcoming changes are only going to be positive and will help your own growth. Relations with coworkers and friends will also improve and you'll start to hang out with them more often. In love you're going to have to deal with old problems. Use the coming months to let go of the past that's been in your way.


Aquarius - Doubts about your profession

You're going to experience doubts about your profession during the next few months. You're not going to feel completely certain that what you are working is providing you enough satisfaction. Listen to your intuition and you'll find out what to do. Your love life, on the other hand, will be highly successful and even singles will have the chance to find a suitable person. Summer is appropriate for more active exercising.

Pisces - You're going to meet an old love

You're going to spend the first half of summer mostly at home and not because there's a lack of proposals for fun but because you'll prefer to have solitude. Love relations are going to progress with a fervor and you may once again come across a partner from your past and for old feelings to rekindle. In the next few months, you'll be ready to turn your back on material comforts for the sake of spiritual growth.