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What the Horoscope has in Store for you Today - September 16

Daily horoscope

The full moon in Pisces occurs at exactly 19:06 UTC today. We also have a total lunar eclipse at exactly 18:55 UTC. This is going to most severely affect those Sagittarii born in between December 16 and 18, Virgos born between September 15 and 17, Geminis between June 14 and 16 and Pisces between March 14 and 16.

Representatives of the other signs also won't be spared the effects of the aspect. The lunar eclipse helps us put an end to an important stage of our life and leave behind everything unneeded. The day will be intensive and stressful. Avoid pressure and don't tempt fate - it will find you on its own. Avoid making important decisions. The lunar eclipse will lead to the revelation of all secrets.

Aries - Hasty actions and an excessively condescending attitude will lead to tension, both in the emotional sense, as well as the purely material. Love and social relations aren't your cup of tea today, so it's better to sit calmly and wait for the day to end.

Taurus - Today you're going to feel a strong gust from the past. It's possible you'll renew old acquaintances. It's time to stabilize your personal life and emotions. Only by controlling your feelings will you be able to bring order to your relationship and focus on your work as well.

Gemini - Your emotions are raging today. This will bring you stress and tension. Communication with the opposite sex brings turmoil to your relations. Expect to drift apart and break up. Your reputation is threatened by your emotional outbursts. The day is loaded with challenges. You're going to see difficulties at the workplace and in your relations with loved ones.

Cancer - A day of physical harmony and emotional calm. The day is perfect for starting a romantic relationship and for going out with friends. Expect growth, successes and positive results. You're going to reap the fruits of your past labors.

Leo - A huge wave of energy is going to wash over you. But excessive optimism can lead to inaccurate judgements. This is going to hurt your reputation. Watch out for wasteful spending and large expenses. Rich and famous individuals are going to pop into your life unexpectedly and affect you in some way.

Virgo - Today you're only thinking about business. You have an important decision to make or contract to sign. The day is suitable for starting creative activities. Be careful - they're going to try to trick you. You may experience losses. Conflicts with coworkers can ruin your mood.

Libra - Today you're going to have the opportunity to be at the right place at the right time. The day is perfect for traveling. You're going to receive good news from afar or ones related to education. Have strong faith in the future and lay out your plan boldly.


Scorpio - An activity that may benefit your capital awaits. You might make a deal or good buy. Your self-confidence grows. You feel an inner desire to take up a leadership position. If you succeed, this will benefit both you and others around you.

Sagittarius - Your inner strength, initiative and adventurousness are at their peak. This will help you achieve the desired changes. You're going to enjoy good health. It's a good day for exercise and expressing your feelings and emotions. Relations with your partner are going to run smoothly. Travels that provide perks are possible.

Capricorn - Happiness is in your hands on this day. You're going to win the admiration and respect of others and reap unprecedented success in the personal and professional aspects. You feel happy and in an optimistic mood. Financial and legal dealings will work to your benefit.

Aquarius - Today you're going to feel excessively sensitive and emotional. This will allow you to accordingly evaluate everything that's beautiful. The day is good for romance, fun and social contact. You're going to feel a strong urge for entertainment and artistic activities. Luck is and will be with you, even if you get involved in anything risky. You'll receive unexpected support.

Pisces - Today some of you are going to lay the foundations for a romantic relationship. Your day is filled with peace and harmony. Changes will be beneficial. Financial results won't be long behind. Whatever you've sowed in the past is what you're going to reap today.