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Find out What the Month of November has in Store for you


The month is November is going to teach us valuable lessons about the material world. At the beginning of the month, we're going to have the opportunity to acquire more possessions but as the days progress until November 30, we're going to learn that it's not possessions that are most beautiful in life.

November kicks off with a full moon in Taurus, which is going to focus us on the physical world. During the 1st 10 days of the month, we'll be able to enjoy anything that we can touch and feel.

However, in the middle of the month, Venus is going to join Jupiter and the Sun in Scorpio. This is going to provoke us to sense the world around us with our emotions by diving into our feelings and seeing what the eyes cannot.

Aries - Be thankful for what you already have

You have the opportunity for increasing your earnings throughout this month but you have to have more faith in yourself. Imagine for a moment that not everything can be planned, that life doesn't follow any premade plans, that sometimes you just need to believe that your dream is attainable for it to truly be so. Instead of repeating "I want this" or "I want that", just look around you and be thankful for what you already have, in order to expand it further.

Taurus - Combine efforts with those around you

At the beginning of the month you need to be more patient and not rush your projects toward completion. You're going to have to wait for the appropriate moment; you can use the delays to rest instead of getting angry over not seeing the end of it. Starting mid-month, opportunities for success will pop up in every corner and if you combine your efforts with others around you, your chances for progress will double. It's possible that one of your close friends or partner will open a door for you that will allow you to realize your talents and knowledge to their fullest.

Gemini - Let your fantasies run loose

During the 1st 10 days of the month, focus on your hidden talents. Unleash your imagination and show the world what you believe are good at but others simply don't know about. Overcome your shyness and worries, show yourself in a light others haven't seen before. This will help you part with your big fears and to act with greater confidence in the future. At month's end, you can count on the support of friends and coworkers.

Cancer - Rely on help from friends

Put your personal goals and desires at the forefront this month. Thanks to the connections you've made so far, you're going to have the opportunity to get ahead but there's no need to care for others, instead care for yourself. You have the freedom to shape the circumstances to your advantage, while others help you on your way up. Your best friends will act as a shield against harm, so act more boldly.

Leo - Focus on home and family

You love being the center of attention, while others' remarks don't bother you in the least, quite the contrary - they flatter you. Over the next 30 days you're going to have plenty of opportunities for shining in the spotlight and feeling like a true star. But instead of wasting your energy in a number of different directions, focus it on your home and family because it will shine its brightest there. Help your parents or make your dream renovation at home, as these will put you in a positive mood.

Virgo - Expand your mind further

At the start of the month, focus your efforts on your intellectual development. Sign up for a new class or higher level of education. Those who have been studying so far will enjoy excellent results from their work this November. Now is the time to fixate on your greatest interests and explore the opportunities before you. Expand your mind this month and talk openly about your interests because that's how you'll accumulate successes.

Libra - Be bolder and more categorical

This month you're going to have the chance to achieve everything you desire but are going to have to fight for your success, not just wait for it to come. Leave your peace-loving approaches aside for a moment and throw yourself boldly into battle, without fear of demonstrating your more aggressive side. Be more categorical in your communication as well because if you continue to undermine your confidence, the stress and tension will grow, even though it may not look so on the surface. Starting mid-month, your brazenness will pay off in the financial aspect.

Scorpio - Enjoy the present

Cupid's arrows are going to be flying every which way at the beginning of November, with those who have a partner enjoying many romantic surprises, while those seeking their kindred spirit will have the opportunity to find it. Now is the time to look more cheerfully at your relations with others and to enjoy your partner's presence without looking for flaws. Although you may seem hypnotized by the presence of the opposite sex, don't let this worry you, instead enjoy it. Enjoy life just the way it is over the next few days, without making plans for the distant future because they would only divert your focus from the present.

Sagittarius - Help the people around you

Try harder to work behind the scenes this month, without attracting others' attention to your actions. You may be very helpful to those closest to you but you must forget your ambitions at this time and help others realize their dreams. Also try to finish the work you've begun because it's the only way you'll be able to see any results from your efforts. Starting mid-month, you'll be able to look at the latest events from a new point of view.

Capricorn - Be more social

Forget about the cautious side of your character this month and go on new adventures. Plan a trip with your partner or closest friends or organize gatherings at which to have fun more often. Now is the time to get out of your usual routine without worrying about everything falling apart if you don't keep it under absolute control. Your social life is going to bring you many benefits, therefore don't neglect contact with others.

Aquarius - Work with others

During November, you're going to have to a number of opportunities for getting ahead in your career, as long as you turn your current views on their head. Seek the opinion of those around you and try to work with them, even if your own approaches seem more innovative and ingenious. Together with others you'll be able to attain a more visible upsurge, while your joint efforts will bring financial benefits not only for yourself but for them as well.

Pisces - Finish the work you've started

Try to finish what you've begun in November because it's the only way you'll experience any satisfaction. No matter what project you've taken up, try to finish it before month's end. Those closest to you are going to help you bring order to your obligations, so don't ignore their advice. From the middle of the month, your luck is going to start working full steam and you may even receive aid from a person you don't know that well but who is ready to invest in you.