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Find out What the Future has in Store for you with the Nostradamus Circle

Antonia R.Antonia R.
Nostradamus circle

The prophecies of French seer and astrologer Michel de Nostredame (Nostradamus) have gained ever wider popularity over the years. Many of them have become reality today and his circle method can allow you to see what is coming for yourself.

He used a system of numbers mixed up in a circle, with his intuition serving as his only guide. You can try it for yourself by asking a question in your mind and then seeing which number your gaze stops on first.

Interpreting that number will lead you to the answer you're seeking. The important thing is to rely entirely on your spontaneous instincts and not fall into the trap of reflecting on the issue.

It often happens that our subconscious already knows the answer to the question our conscious is asking. It is best to put your trust in it when you find yourself in a complex dilemma.

1. You have to show greater faith and patience when facing challenges. You're not going to deal with the problems quickly, as you had initially hoped. Rely on your skills, even if your efforts don't yield results right away, and continue working in the direction you've chosen.

2. Avoid confrontations at all costs because you'll only be able to resolve your problem through peaceful means. Talk to those closest to you and reveal to them what you're facing because you may receive valuable advice you'd never come up with on your own. Don't underestimate others' opinion, as it may turn out to be more spot-on than your own viewpoint.

3. The flow of events is going to surpass your expectations but you have to stick to your common sense and not dive into them without thinking. Carefully analyze what is happening and think about how much you can really trust the new developments before you decide on any one.

4. You have a firm grip on your own destiny and have no real reason to doubt the realization of your dream. It depends entirely on your actions whether the situation will develop to your benefit or disadvantage. So don't wait, be more initiative if you want your wish to come true.

5. It's possible that lately you've been focusing too much on others' opinions and this is hurting you. Turn inward and think about what's really important to you - head only toward it in the future.

6. What you have in mind is going to be realized a bit harder than you had expected. However, every obstacle that emerges is a sign that you're going the wrong way. In other words, don't be discouraged by the problems; accept them as a sign that it's time to change your strategy and behavior, in order to avoid even worse hardships.

7. At this stage, you shouldn't put off any of your tasks because each one is of key significance in fulfilling your desire. Now is no time for a break, as you are 1 step away from achieving what you're aiming for. Stock up on energy and continue down the road you're on.

8. Be cautious and don't trust just anyone throughout the next few weeks. Surround yourself with a group of people who have proven their loyalty to you over time. Watch out for disappointments and rely on your intuition more than usual.

9. Your goal will be realized only with the help of a good friend. As such, you have to put your faith in a person close to you and reveal in detail what you have in mind. You need a more sobering way of seeing things because you're too emotional in this regard.

10. Watch out for deceivers and envious people, who are ready to do anything in order to trip you up along the way to your goal. Show confidence but act warily, without revealing your plans to others before they actually become reality.

11. You're likely still in the initial stages of working on your wish, so don't be in a hurry to see results. The end goal is still far off but this does not mean you won't reach it through perseverance and patience on your part.

12. What you desire will happen, and quickly, as long as you're not excessively careful and don't try to impress those around you at all costs. If you spend too much effort in trying to be the center of attention you'll only hurt yourself and create your own obstacles.

13. Your destination is quite unpredictable; only those closest to you can help you find the right way. Don't be secretive and think you'll realize your goal just by keeping a lid on things. You need advice and support, so don't hesitate to seek them.

14. You have to take the initiative and control over the circumstances if you want something positive to happen. Use your ideas and emotions as a fuel source for something different; never let your routine take over every second of your life.

15. Rely on your fortune during this period and be ready for changes. Open your consciousness to the surprises that are coming and don't limit yourself solely to the plans you've created before. A preplanned schedule hinders imagination and the urge for change.

16. Do not dismiss any one of the opportunities before you, instead try to adapt to the situation you find yourself in. Flexibility will be your most effective weapon, so think well on any and all options before turning them down.

17. Reflect on whether you truly desire what you're aiming for, looking at it from the realistic side. Let go of your fantasies on the issue and instead mull over what you've heard and seen, without stimulating your inborn imagination.

18. Your initial efforts may have been disappointing but don't despair. Just evaluate what's happened thus far and continue down the path you've chosen, while trying not to repeat past mistakes.

19. Your doubts regarding the fulfillment of your goal are great; they are also the only thing in your way. You need to overcome your uncertainty - only then should you work toward making your dream reality because if you're lacking faith, it will never come true.

20. Luck is on your side and fate is giving you plenty of signs to guide you toward the way you need to go. You need only listen to your intuition and look around you because the answers you seek are all around.

21. You have to take more risks if you desire your wish to become reality. Your fear is preventing you from moving forward. You have to overcome it by taking action without studying every little detail around the issue beforehand.