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Pick a Room and Discover the Truth about Yourself!

Antonia R.Antonia R.

This quick and easy test will reveal a lot about your character and may even bring qualities you had no idea you possessed out in the open. All you have to do is pick one of the rooms in the picture down below.

Room 1: Choosing the roof indicates that you're a person who likes to look at life from a wide perspective. Fun is part of your daily life but you try to remain objective, while giving good advice to your loved ones. You often put your career in second place. As an adult, you prefer being a parent and taking care of kids, instead of pursuing professional ambitions. Your passion is to travel and you save money primarily in order to be able to go to new destinations.

Room 2: If you chose the room with the clock, it means you're an exceptionally pedantic person, who can be counted on. You love to analyze every single situation in detail but those who know you often find this unpleasant. It's difficult for you to be impulsive and initiative but to make up for this you are reliable and often called upon in situations of crisis. You're very attached to your parents and place of birth, which is why you often devote your free time to them. You have to avoid loneliness because it makes you vulnerable to depression.


Room 3: The bathroom symbolizes a way to freshen up and if your intuition led you to this room, then you have great need of change and a new beginning. You're most likely worried about the future or have a serious decision to make that has you anxious. Aesthetics are important to you and you likely spend a lot of time making sure you look good. You love deeply but briefly and avoid being tied down seriously. Your life is marked by flings; this doesn't upset you though, it actually makes you happy.

Room 4: Choosing the bedroom shows that you're a person who values coziness and comfort in life. You love caring for yourself but do the same for your loved ones as well. Morals and human values are the main principles you go by, plus you always try to be a loyal friend. You quickly figure out when someone isn't being truthful with you and end your relations with them. All you need is a bit more confidence to achieve great success.

Room 5: If the room with the most household objects caught your eye, then you're the kind of person who wants the most out of life. Even though you're broad-minded and can communicate freely with just about anyone, if you don't get what you want you bid your farewell, leaving nothing but broken hearts behind you. You don't regret your actions and would never change your behavior because of others. You stand by your friends and sacrifice for them any way you can. You try to advance your knowledge.

Room 6: If you chose the kitchen, you're the kind of person who loves to care for their loved ones and devotes most of their time to them. You love taking the initiative and are always ready to handle any problem. However, you have a tendency to repeat the same old mistakes because you're too trusting and never learn your lesson. You easily forgive, even those who constantly disappoint you.

Room 7: If you picked the basement, you're the type the of person who dreams of reaching the top, both professionally and in your personal life. But you don't expect successes to come suddenly, you're prepared to invest tremendous effort for them. You're adept at figuring out your priorities and have no problem coming up with a plan to follow. You are vain and very concerned with your outer appearance but should be more careful in picking the people you have around you.