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Discover the Origins of your Deepest Fears with This Test

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Picture Test
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Even the simplest little fears reveal deep wounds within us that have not yet healed. To find out the source of your subconscious worries, take this test.

Unfortunately, fewer and fewer people seek out the deep meaning behind their anxieties, remaining satisfied instead with trivial answers.

But there's a reason for everything. For example, the fear of insects indicates that you have unresolved problems, usually related to love, that you try to avoid at all costs.

To find out what your hidden fears are and where they come from, take this picture test. In it you'll see several objects - a girl, strawberry, butterfly and 2 trees. Depending on which one of these you notice first you can find out where your subconscious anxieties stem from.


If the girl was the first thing you saw, your subconscious fears begin from your childhood. It's likely that your relationship with your mother was sub par and that you felt abandoned and alone in your most vulnerable years. To overcome these issues you have to work hard on building a healthy relationship with your mother because on the emotional level you're still a child that's lacking care and kindness.


If the butterfly was the first thing that caught your attention, you're the kind of person that's extremely afraid of things that can't be explained logically. Things that can't be seen, touched or explained away rationally. As such, you're better off spending your time with spiritual practices that explore the subconscious and death. This will allow you to restore your trust not only in the material world but in the spiritual as well.


Should the strawberry be the first thing you notice, it means that your fears are love-related. You're worried that you won't be loved for who you are or inwardly believe that you're incapable of creating a long and stable relationship. If that's the case, it means that in your childhood you likely had problems with 1 of your parents, with this now reflecting on your love life. It's also possible that you keep falling in love with an unsuitable person over and over, while recreating the parent-child model from your earliest years of life.


If the 2 trees were the first things to grab your attention, you're the type of person who's afraid to handle things yourself. You're always looking for someone to lean on and ask for help when the situation becomes more complicated. You even have a tendency to run away from conflicts and debates instead of defending your opinion. Throughout your life you've likely been underestimated and constantly told that you can't do something by yourself, while you've taken up this mantra and turned it into reality.