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Legends and tales about King Solomon

Legends and tales about King Solomon

King Solomon was the third Jewish king, the son of King David. The brilliance of his rule has gone down in history as the period of strongest flowering of Jewish power and influence.

While King Solomon reigned, good always overcome evil. According to legend, he understood the language of animals and demons from the lower worlds brought him jewels .

Each of his thousands of women prepared meals every day in the hope that King Solomon will eat with them.

One of the parables of Solomon tells how he was embarrassed by a small ant. He lifted the ant from the ground, put it on his hand and asked it if there is anyone greater than Solomon in the world.

Ant replied that it is greater, otherwise earthly king would not raise it above the ground. Solomon asked the ant if she know who he was and she replied, "I know that you were created from an embryo and therefore should not ascend yourself."

King Solomon had a throne before which were placed twelve golden lions and twelve golden eagles. A special mechanism raised their feet when Solomon set foot on the steps, for him to be able to rest on them.

One of the parables of Solomon tells how his sage gave him a ring with the inscription "Everything passes". "When you are very unhappy, very angry or very happy, look at the word and it will sober you up" explained the old man.

One day Solomon was angry about something, and he brought the ring out to throw it away, but then saw the inner side of the inscription: "This too shall pass."

Famous proverbs of King Solomon are those in which he manifested his wisdom, while making the right decision in litigation.

Two angry women were brought to court, because both maintained, that a young man is the husband of their daughter. The king said "Kill him! "and one said she did not want innocent blood to be spilled and the other agreed to kill him. "This young man is the son of second woman, she is his wife's mother ', Solomon ruled.

Two women slept together in one room and without meaning to, smothered her child, so she grabbed the other’s baby and so it came that they ended up in court.

King Solomon said: "Cut the child in two and one half of each woman." Then the one started to cry and said she did not want the child. "This is the mother of the child' Solomon ruled wisely.