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Zodiacal Horoscope for the Month of December

Plamena M.Plamena M.

The last moth of the year comes bringing lots of work and fun. More community service and collective projects are on the horizon.

Everyone's going to have to work hard in order to build a solid foundation for next year. We're going to be trying to earn recognition for our actions and deeds.

Expect to sign long-term contracts and have contact with people who will benefit you.

Aries - Keep your tongue behind your teeth

You're going to have an exceptionally successful month ahead. Work is going great but you may need to take a day off. Don't allow yourself to make harsh remarks. When you have need of support and protection, you'll receive it. An ugly betrayal will open up your eyes. Slow your retaliatory strikes because you have a tendency to be too extreme.

Taurus - An end to the problems, new chances ahead

December is loaded with events. Before the holidays you're going to be dealing with an issue related to real estate. You'll find the duplicity of someone close to you to be actually quite fun.

You're going to fool your opponent and expose them. With the end of the month also comes the end of an unpleasant period in your life. You'll be met with an unexpected opportunity. Luck or an event is going to turn your life around and point you in a truly positive direction. All tense and strained relations are going to be harmonized.

Gemini - Discipline is the key to success

A difficult and very demanding time is upon you. Throughout December you're going to face important events, decisions, problems, which you're going to have to handle responsibly. Mistakes and oversights will cost you dearly. Rely on discipline - it will protect you from problems in the future. Expect conflict with a person that's against you and has been attacking you for some time. A real surprise is in store for you around the holidays.

Cancer - Calm your emotions and actions

December comes with several unforeseen situations and problems for you. This will invoke a dose of panic that you're going to have to get a rein on. Take control and calm your emotions. This is the only way you'll be able to adequately make decisions and act. Don't get involved in a given situation if you feel it's not your place. You're going to spend the holidays in a close-knit circle.

Leo - Impatient in every way

This month you're going to have to deal with an unpleasant situation having to do with a man - either a friend, relative or coworker. If you have to travel, this will definitely be linked to severe stress.

Conflicts are provoked by your lack of patience. Your financial abilities are increased. Expect a raise or a new and much more promising contract. The more you work, the more you'll receive.

Virgo - Work for every dollar

A new person is going to be joining your family in December. Regardless of whether they'll be living in your home or not, the change will definitely not be easy to accept. At the same time, expect a breakup and possible moving away. A bitter truth will come out in the open. Even though closely tied to your personal life, it won't upset you particularly.

A new thrill will fill your heart. Expect good things, related to money and great financial proceeds. Work hard and you'll be rewarded. Changes lead to positive results.

Libra - December is your month

Monetary proceeds, gifts, proposals for much better or additional work - December is definitely your month.

All of this comes thanks to your family ties or friendship with a certain man. If you've invested serious work and ambition, the results will be particularly satisfying. A necessary breakup due to personal reasons. Its positive influence, either emotional or professional, is yet to come.

Scorpio - Time for valuable life lessons

An event or piece of news, having to do with a boy or man, acquaintance or relative, will upset you. Set aside more time for you relatives - they need you. December will provide you a valuable life lesson by testing you.

Those who are married will receive an inheritance. Income you hadn't foreseen is coming into your home. Expect a long-term increase in your finances. Problems and issues are being resolved by thinking and conversing. Ease off the tangled situation at home. Don't confront your neighbors.

Sagittarius - Warm relations and increased finances

For you, December will be a month of clearing up all lies and misunderstandings. This is no time for riddles. Every mixed up and complex situation from your past will be easy to untangle.

You're capable of resolving every financial problem and even helping a relative, thanks to your good financial state this month. Meetings with old friends and coworkers will allow you to forge solid contacts, renew old ones and build upon real friendships. The younger members of the family will definitely surprise you.

Capricorn - Financial stability and fun

Young people at home and in the family will lead to a whole lot of fun at home. This will in turn lead to important and constructive conversations and discussions. You're going to receive money from a man.

Expect obligations related to inheritance, rent or other sources. The news surrounding this will be slightly worrisome. Friends who have hurt you in the past will finally find the courage to apologize.

Aquarius - Time for change

December comes with the threat of losses and failure. At the same time, you're being given a chance you shouldn't miss. It's time for a change that's critically important to you.

A member of your family may disappoint you with the way they act toward you. This month, the stars advise you not to build up a positive mindset about anything. Your professional and business relations, as well as your plans, bring successes. You will be filled with ambition and be in a positive mood for new learning, a higher level of education etc.

Pisces - The wheels are in motion, even if you aren't noticing it

Traveling is definitely not advised this December. Changes bring negativity but you have no choice. They're part of a process that's underway in your life at the moment. If you can't see that the wheels are in motion, they are.

You'll see results in the next few months. Your financial relations with someone from another populated area will help you fix up your budget for the month. You're worried about the health of a family member. At the workplace, avoid taking a personal stance and rely on professionalism.