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What the Horoscope has in Store for you Today - October 12

Zodiac Signs

It's highly probable that today we lose control over the plans we've been working on for some time, while the position of Mercury in Libra and Neptune in Pisces will have us face irritating individuals, who are trying to wreck our dreams.

Aries - Working with discipline will be your greatest challenge today but it will also be the only way for you to handle the onslaught of tasks coming at you. You may also find yourself facing the complaints of others more often, which will distract you further. Focus on the important tasks and don't pay much attention to others.

Taurus - If you have to make decisions today, be sure to fully comply with the facts. Follow your own logic, not that of others, so you don't ruin your hard work over the past few weeks. Trust your own intuition more to find a solution to the problem, not others' opinions.

Gemini - Today you're going to face unexpected confusion regarding issues you've already planned precisely. Be careful not to get tangled in your own illusions and not to make the wrong decisions. Even though you're a creative person who loves to explore uncharted territories, don't act blindly today but seek a person who can give you a sobering assessment.

Cancer - Old promises you've made some time ago may pressure you today. You're a person who loves to keep their word but if this would put your stability at risk today, it's better to put it off. You need to stick to your common sense and not ignore the important work through which you advance.

Leo - Even though you've defined a clear range of action, today you're going to feel motivated to surpass it and pursue your fantasies. You feel strong potential and confidence in yourself, but on this very day these feelings will mislead you. So it's better not to risk but instead wait and let time show you how worth it these new opportunities really are. Stay true to your premade plans and your work.

Virgo - Your closest relations will be the focus of twists and turns today because any new ideas will lead your opinion to clash with that of those around you. No matter how inspired you feel, don't forget the possibility that it may all be a trick and you may actually be pursuing something that may never become realized. Listen to others before you set new goals.


Libra - Today communication with others around you will be more difficult because everyone will seem trapped in their own little world, with no desire to communicate. If you have important projects, rely solely on your own efforts to make them reality. Don't be afraid to follow your 6th sense today because it is an excellent navigator toward the opportunities that will be to your benefit.

Scorpio - Today you're going to feel a strong need to fulfill some old desires of yours and think about what's been putting you off course from realizing them in the past. Even though you'd like to keep them secret, your ambitions will have much better success if you seek external collaboration. Though you may feel plenty confident, don't underestimate the ideas of others.

Sagittarius - Today you're going to have the urge to discuss important and philosophical subjects with others. Although you're generally a person who tries to have fun and look at life more lightly, today you're going to have the need to look at recent events more seriously. Seek the deeper and hidden meaning behind even the most painful challenges.

Capricorn - It's likely today you follow your premade plans less and instead pursue your imagination that opens new horizons. Your chances may look promising but don't rush, listen to the advice of others. Don't rely too much on miracles today, even if you witness unexpected and extraordinary turning points, seek the logic in them.

Aquarius - Focus on creative and spiritual activities in order to get your mind off the tension at work today. Even though you're following your plans to the letter, the feeling that something isn't right won't leave you to work in peace. If you'd like to feel more sure of yourself, you have to admit to yourself which of your dreams are pure illusion that will never, ever come true.


Pisces - It'll be difficult for you to be rational today because your huge imagination will tempt you to pursue opportunities you're not completely sure about. Throughout the day, don't try to earn the favor of others so much but realize your old goals. Focus the entirety of your attention on them and ignore other people.