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Prophetic Dreams Depend on ... your Pillow

Jana G.Jana G.
sleeping pillow

If every 7 days you change the location of your pillow, then this will help you remember your dreams, say French scientists.

In practice it means that one week to sleep the top end of the bed and the next to sleep at the other end so to lay your head on the pillow where your feet would had been the previous week, and vice versa.

Permanent change of posture of the body helps to remember especially those dreams that are important.

According to experts, it gives the best chance of dreaming something prophetic. It is not always true that a dream is only seen once, so pay more attention to the recurring dreams.

Most often dreams come true the next day or up to 9 months after you have dreamed them. If you've dreamed of something during the day, there is almost no chance of it to come true. Dreams which are seen after 8 pm and before midnight, come true within two months. Those you dream between 3 and 6 am, will come true in a few weeks.

Overall, prophetic dreams are fairly rare, so we should not attach too much importance to every dream and give more time to think about the prophetic.