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Prophetic dreams are actually brain analysis

Prophetic dreams are actually brain analysis

Prophetic dreams have been exciting mankind since the time of the Dark Ages.

At that time, royalty had among its proxy a person who had the task of teaching what the prophetic dreams were about. The occupation was terrible because if the dream did not come true to then the teacher would be waiting in execution.

According to U.S. scientists prophetic dreams are nothing more than an accurate analysis of the brain. A situation which can not be made purposely, because then the attention of man would be kidnapped by some other activities.

For example the table of chemical elements was created by Mendeleev after a prophetic dream. For 20 years he tried to initiate a systematic principle of chemical elements. He described the properties of their cards and arranged them a thousand times, however without success. Systematization of the elements appeared to him in a dream and when he awoke one beautiful morning in 1869, he already knew his near future.

"I saw the table in my dreams. Immediately I woke up on the table and wrote the first piece of paper what I saw, " he told friends.

The practice is that his brain processed the information that he had collected over 20 years and simply presented it in his prophetic dream.