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People That Have Lucid Dreams Solve Their Problems More Easily

Antonia R.Antonia R.

Those people who manage to discern their dreams from reality, while they are dreaming, are able to more easily solve their problems in real life. These lucid dreams also help in solving math problems.

The study, held by scientists from the University of Lincoln, showed that lucid dreams are much healthier for people.

Once they realize that everything happening in their dream is not real, people deal more easily with the obstacles they face in their everyday life.

The British study examined the link between lucid dreaming and insight for the first time. However, those who actually manage to realize that they are dreaming during a dream are a small minority.

The brains of these people quickly determine that they are dreaming, because in real life, those same events wouldn't make any sense. This same ability is seen during wakefulness as well.

A dream is only lucid when the dreamer clearly understands that the events around him are not real.


The inconsistencies between dreams and reality help people with lucid dreams solve their real life problems more easily.

68 people ages 18 to 25 took part in the study done by the scientists from the University of Lincoln. Besides checking their adequacy in solving life problems, the volunteers also had to solve 30 math problems. People who had lucid dreams were able to solve 25% more than those who didn't realize that they were dreaming.

In lucid dreaming, the dreamer can often manipulate the events that are happening. One goes directly from a state of wakefulness to a dream state without noticing the difference.

This phenomenon is scientifically proven and has been studied for years. Beginning in 2006, experts began experiments with lucid dreaming treatment therapy in people who often suffer nightmares.

People who have lucid dreams share that while dreaming they feel as if they are leaving their body and are floating over their bed. Because of this, researchers liken the sensations during lucid dreaming to those of the experiences before death.