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Shortcomings of the Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

If you become familiar with Capricorn's shortcomings, it'll be easier for you to understand the people of this zodiac sign. Capricorn may appear to be a cold and cruel creature, who is not interested in others' problems and pains, even those of his loved ones.

Capricorn has a tendency to do things for strangers but very often ignores loved ones, never thinking about how he's affecting them. Among Capricorn's shortcomings is his desire to constantly make others around him do what he wants.

At even the slightest hint of resistance, he is capable of forever severing his bonds with the person who was emboldened enough to stand against him. In love, Capricorn acts the same way - he requires complete subservience from his partner and should he not find the desired behavior, he leaves and there's no force capable of getting him to come back.


Even if he regrets this action, Capricorn does not relent, however he does have a tendency to listen to pleas and love confessions, which only raise his self-confidence.

At the workplace, Capricorn also acts like a tyrant. Should he become a boss, his subordinates will feel horrible. Quite often, the meaning of life for Capricorn consists of making others serve him and raising hell at even the slightest deviation from his command.

Capricorn welcomes even the smallest reason to cause drama and he uses it fully each time. Individuals born under this sign nitpick about the most insignificant things.

Capricorn's sense of humor only works well when a joke aimed at someone makes them feel bad. Capricorn's partner often suffers from being the victim of his cruel jokes.

Capricorn has no qualms about embarrassing his partner in front of others and sharing details of their private life that no one else besides them should know.

Capricorn is quite vengeful. He does not put up with cheating and never forgives anyone. In his view, it's perfectly normal for him to go out with a different person every day, while his beloved needs to put up with all of it and be thankful that they get attention from time to time.