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Shortcomings of the Leo Zodiac Sign

Jana G.Jana G.

Each star sign has its own set of flaws - those born under Leo are known for their excessively prideful and possessive character. Never play a joke on someone that's a Leo, they are extremely self-loving.

Honor and pride are everything for a Leo. For those born under this sign, the most important thing is for them to feel that everyone else stands in awe at their deeds and appearance.

A Leo can spend all of his money just to prove that he can maintain a high standard of living, even if that's not the case.

Leo is generous and can at times throw a ton of resources into something that's just not worth it. Leo does not put up with cheating and will want to break up even if their partner so much as stares at someone a little too long. For Leo, even a look or a thought about someone else is an act of betrayal, and that is something he cannot forgive.

At the same time, Leo has a tendency to cheat because he loves everything new. He finds it important to show up with someone who will grab everyone's attention.


Even if he maintains that he is only friends with that person, Leo cannot stand simply being friends with someone he likes.

Leo wants everything from his partner but is not ready to give the same. He is spoiled and wants to be pampered all the time. If he doesn't see the spark in the eyes of the person next to him he'll decide that their relations are pointless.

Precision is key to Leo. He is so pedantic that even the slightest deviation from precision will infuriate him. Leo is way too prideful and therefore easily distressed.

He can't take even the slightest criticism aimed at him. Even if he's known someone all his life, if that person should dare criticize Leo's persona in any way, he will immediately forget about that person.

When it comes to love, Leo demands complete obedience. At the beginning, he may let his partner be in charge, but this will only last a little while. Afterwards, Leo wants to be the one to decide everything and if that's not the case he quickly loses interest.