What the Zodiac Signs Should Prepare for Until December 14th
За какво да се подготвят зодиите до 14 декември
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What the Zodiac Signs Should Prepare for Until December 14th

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Starting this Monday and going until April 8th, Jupiter will be retrograde in Leo. Venus, the planet of love, will be in earthly Capricorn until December 10, making us take a more serious approach to love.

The retrograde motion of Jupiter will mostly affect the 2nd ten-day period of the signs of Leo, Sagittarius, Aries, Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Aries - An active 2nd half of the week


The 1st days of the week will be hectic for you because of problems at home or the care that you are providing a loved one. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, a harmonious aspect between Jupiter and Mercury will lend their support in all of your undertakings. With the retrogradation phase of Jupiter, you will become more sensitive, especially when it comes to issues affecting kids and earnings. Venus in Capricorn beginning this Wednesday will lead you to pay more attention to tasks at work.

Taurus - Your desire to travel grows

The beginning of the week will not be especially joyful for you; be very careful if you are driving. The idea of traveling will be on your mind this week, while the transition of Venus into Capricorn will further increase these desires. In the four-month retrograde motion of Jupiter, it is advised to put off projects related to home improvement. Instead, you can clear up the relations with the people with which you live under one roof.

Gemini - Financial difficulties throughout the week

In the days until December 14th, you will be worried regarding issues related to your income. It is advised to seek collaboration and support in order to be able to resolve your difficulties. In the middle of the week, your quick wit will begin working at full capacity, plus it's possible for you to receive financing from someone you trust. Once Jupiter turns retrograde, you need to pay greater attention to your relatives and friends. The period is suitable for you to sign up for a language class or take up some other activity that will further your education.

Cancer - Take no offense from coworkers

Show more understanding and tolerance so you don't ruin your relations with colleagues. Don't take any remarks you might hear too personally. Jupiter's retrogradation until April 8 advises you to be more careful with your finances. You will have the chance to correct certain moral viewpoints that you have on certain issues. Changes will occur in your love life with Venus transitioning into Capricorn.

Leo - Harmonious relations with coworkers


Starting this Monday and going until April 8th, Jupiter will be retrograde in your zodiac sign, due to which you may take certain events in your life more dramatically than normal. Seek the aid of loved ones and don't take on too many projects throughout this period. The movement of Venus from Sagittarius into Capricorn will harmonize your relations with coworkers at the workplace. At the end of the week, your ambitions professionally will be enhanced as well.

Virgo - Conflicts with friends are possible

Your relations with your friends will be incredibly tense this week. Conflicts will erupt from causes seemingly insignificant at first glance. However, you will be able to count on your family and partner completely. The retrograde Jupiter will make you more vulnerable, you will have a strong need of the support and approval of the people around you. Venus in Capricorn will provide you with a great deal of love and romance.

Libra - Your circle of friends becomes important

In the first 2 days of the week you will struggle for power and dominance. Beginning Wednesday, the situation at home will be of the utmost importance to you; you will make all of the necessary improvements to feel more cozy and comfortable. The retrograde phase of Jupiter will focus your attention on your circle of friends and it is perfectly possible for you to find new like-minded people throughout these 4 months. Your strength will be your ability to work as part of a team, starting the second half of this week.

Scorpio - You become more diplomatic starting Wednesday

On Monday and Tuesday, you may end up disappointed by certain people, since your expectations of them were too high. Starting Wednesday, you will find a much more diplomatic tone with which to communicate with the people around you. Individuals who are studying or working in the field of communications, teaching or agencies have the opportunity for growth with the retrograde phase of Jupiter. But in order for you to be fully successful, you need to set specific and achievable goals.

Sagittarius - You will receive support for your financial problems

The week for you starts off with problems financially, but on Wednesday an adviser will help you deal with your material issues. You need to well consider your actions during Jupiter's retrogradation and not break the law, for this would cost you dearly. Traveling abroad also needs to be avoided. Activities related to tutoring and education will provide you with luck.

Capricorn - A period of romance ahead


The planet of love will be in your sign from December 10 until January 3. Venus will provide more romance and love to your everyday life in this period. The retrograde Jupiter will help you express your emotions more effectively. The limits you yourself have set will be removed and you will feel more free. It is imperative that you take a sobering approach to your income.

Aquarius - You will become more communicative

As early as Monday, you will have a strong desire to increase your social interactions. Wednesday will be the most suitable day for this, with the circumstances around you showcasing your abilities to communicate. The retrograde Jupiter will have a positive effect on you on the love front. These coming months, you will strengthen your relationship with your partner but it is not advisable to get engaged. Also avoid making long-term promises. Venus in Capricorn will make you more discreet, avoiding conversations having to do with your personal life.

Pisces - Slight worries about your loved ones

On Monday, you will be worried about loved ones or your kids but these will quickly pass. Jupiter's retrogradation in Leo advises you to finish all of your tasks at work. Give up on the projects that you won't be able to finish on schedule. The transition of Venus into Capricorn will help you build new friendships.