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What the Zodiac Signs Should Prepare for This Week

Antonia R.Antonia R.

This week, Mercury steps out of its retrogradation phase, but on Friday the Sun forms an opposition with Pluto, which will bring ruin to the relationships of certain zodiac signs.

The sextile between Uranus and Venus on Sunday will predispose most people to take part in social events.

Aries - Your friends charge you with energy

Throughout the week, Aries will enjoy plenty of positive emotions, given by friends. The period is suitable for having fun, especially during the weekends. Starting Tuesday, when Mercury steps out of its retrogradation, you can pay closer attention to the plans you have put off.


Taurus - You can spoil yourself

This week, Tauruses can spoil themselves with some luxurious or highly desired item due to the hard work they put in some time ago. Once Mercury steps out of its retrogradation, communication in the representatives of the sign will be put into motion.

Gemini - You will feel the need for a change

Whatever sort of problems Gemini have will be resolved this week. Beginning Tuesday, representatives of the sign will feel the strong urge for a change but this does not mean that they should spend money impulsively and recklessly. The weekend will provide you with new opportunities for fun.

Cancer - Slight misunderstandings during the week

Slight misunderstandings with the people surrounding Cancers are possible throughout the week, especially on Friday, but representatives of this sign won't pay much heed to these problems and they won't evolve into serious conflicts. Your partner will aggravate you these few days.

Leo - You go forward fearlessly


No matter if we're talking about love or business affairs, Leos will enjoy great luck and whatever it is that interests them will head off in the desired direction. The problems which have been tormenting them lately will be solved.

Virgo - Your friendships are in danger

Negative emotions endanger Virgos' friendships this week. Their social life will also suffer stagnation for awhile. On the other hand, Virgos will benefit from high fortune at work by meeting the right people who will help in their professional development.

Libra - You must take an important step in your career

This week, representatives of the Libra sign will have to make an important decision, which will affect their career. You will have a difficult time balancing between family and work these next few days but during the weekend, you will get the chance to rest well.

Scorpio - You will have a maximum amount of fun during the week

The sextile between Venus and Uranus this week will bring you loads of fun and pleasant moments. Throughout these few days, have a lighthearted outlook on life and avoid arguments, especially on Friday, when you won't be in an advantageous position for conflicts.

Sagittarius - The problems begin being resolved


The financial worries of Sagittarii will begin to be resolved this week. However, this does not mean spending money thoughtlessly, on the contrary - don't make purchases which you will later regret. You will completely let go of stress during the weekend.

Capricorn - Resolve misunderstandings at the very beginning

This week, both the personal and professional dealings of Capricorns will go incredibly smoothly. Even so, it is possible for small sources of tension to appear, which, if dealt with at the very beginning, won't cause problems in the future.

Aquarius - Fun times with your favorite people await you

The first days of July will bring Aquarians tons of wonderful moments with family, friends and their partner. You will be completely freed from stress and tension when you partake in social gatherings, especially during the weekend.

Pisces - No more tension after Tuesday

Once Mercury leaves its phase of retrogradation this Tuesday, the tension related to documents and communication for Pisces will vanish. This week, you will put in all of your efforts to improve the atmosphere at home and with your family.