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What the Zodiac Signs Should Prepare for in October


From October 4th to the 25th, Mercury will be in retrograde for the 3rd time this year; this time the planet will appear to move backward between the signs of Scorpio and Libra.

There will be a total lunar eclipse in Aries on October 8th, and on October 23rd - a partial lunar eclipse in Scorpio. On the 23rd, the Sun will transition into Scorpio.

Aries - Lots of work awaits you

The lunar eclipse on the 8th will provide you with a great opportunity for change. Have more fun at the beginning of the month because at the end of October, you will feel the full weight of your tasks. On October 26th, your sign ruler Mars enters Capricorn, which will motivate you in your career.


Taurus - Prepare for disputes with your beloved

Seek more privacy at the beginning of the month and do things just for yourself. The new moon on the 23rd may increase the tension between you and your partner. Avoid focusing on old problems when arguing with them. A sextile between Mercury and the Sun on October 10th may bring you short-term peace.

Gemini - You need to be more patient

Mercury's retrogradation will set the tone for the events around you throughout almost all of October. You need to be more patient than usual this month, in order to avoid complications in every aspect of your life. The days around the lunar eclipse are appropriate for social events, while around the 23rd you will have to take care of your health.

Cancer - You will show your creativity

At the beginning of the month you will be incredibly busy with tasks at work or with friends. This is a good opportunity to show how conceptual you can be. The sextile between Venus and Jupiter on October 14th will attract people around you, while the new moon on the 23rd will unlock your creativity.

Leo - Expect an improvement in your financial situation

It is possible for the people around you to blackmail you for money, advice or services. In the middle of the month you will indulge in love and romance. The new moon on the 23rd may disrupt the peace in your family but may also improve your financial situation.

Virgo - Prepare for more meetings with friends

Expect great aid from your loved ones at the beginning of the month. It will come to you only with good intentions and without any ulterior motives, which will help you solve your problems. You will feel motivated to express your feelings, while at the end of the month you can dedicate yourself to going out with friends.

Full Moon

Libra - You will pay off an old debt

Be careful with flirting in the days around the lunar eclipse. It's quite possible for the sparks and attention directed toward you to be simply out of passion, without any serious intentions. In the middle of the month you will be able to harmonize your mind and feelings, allowing you to make the correct decisions. At the end of October, you will pay off an old debt and your financial state will begin to stabilize.

Scorpio - Don't take any risks

Don't take any risks around the 8th of October. Since the lunar phase will be in Aries, accidents threaten you, which is why you need to avoid reckless actions. The new moon in your zodiac sign on the 23rd will present you with the opportunity to do something that will impress everyone. At the beginning of October, Mercury will be moving backwards in your sign, which means you need to be careful with your words, lest you want them to be taken the wrong way.

Sagittarius - You will have a need to express your feelings

Loads of fun awaits you at the beginning of the month, while your energy pushes you to ever more and newer things, which will provide you pleasure. However, at the end of the month you will need to focus only on the important things in your life. After the 27th, you will have have a strong urge to express your feelings.

Capricorn - Focus on family

The lunar eclipse will point you toward the comfort of family life. Enjoy the pleasant company of family and delicious food. After the 23rd, your attention will be focused on your career and professional growth. Be more confident in yourself and boldly demonstrate your skills and achievements.


Aquarius - Expect problems with your projects

After Mercury goes retrograde on October 4th, you will be faced with problems and delays in the projects that you have recently begun. Go to social events more often at the beginning of the month, and in the days around the new moon you may find a more effective way of communicating with people.

Pisces - You will look for new ways of making money

The first days of October will be exceptionally tranquil for you. After the 8th, you will begin looking for new ways of making money. At the end of the month, you will feel the need to help others. Your inborn intuition will hint at how you might approach the troubles of your loved ones.