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What Awaits the Zodiac Signs Until August 3rd

Zodiac signs

This week, Mercury enters into Leo. A square will form between Venus and Uranus. A square will also form between Mars and Jupiter, which will be an interesting combination of energies this week.

Aries - Be more cautious

Even though problems at home will require your attention, you will focus on yourself throughout the week. The conflicts and challenges which will arise before you this week require creative solutions. With Mercury entering into Leo this Friday, your desire for romance and fun will intensify. This week you need to be more cautious and not take any unnecessary risks.


Taurus - You recharge with energy at home

This week you will focus entirely on your family affairs. Mercury in Leo this Friday will encourage you to plan and organize remodeling in your home. However, it's possible for contradictions to come between you and your partner regarding key issues. Fun events at home will load you with plenty of energy.

Gemini - You need to overcome new obstacles

This week you're going to have to overcome a few obstacles in your way. You need to focus on just one goal, which will allow you to get ahead in the future. If you're dissatisfied with your job at the moment, then by all means look for something new. Your social circle is exceptionally good this week as well.

Cancer - Success in financial affairs

This week is remarkably suitable for realizing your financial deals. If, during the first half of the year you've had money problems, starting this week things will begin to set into place financially. The movement of Mars in Scorpio will guarantee success in your financial affairs if only you would put in a little effort.

Leo - Commence your plans

On August 1st, the planet responsible for communication and short distance travels - Mercury, passes into your zodiac sign. Now is a suitable time to initiate the plans you've had in mind for a long time. Your entrepreneurial capabilities and enthusiasm will reach new heights. The presence of Mars in Scorpio will help you overcome all kinds of challenges.


Virgo - Act carefully

This week you'll be loaded with energy, allowing you to achieve everything you've anticipated, as long as you keep a close eye on your own actions and do not rush. Don't be tempted by risky moves and pay attention to your intuition, which will show you the right path. Focus on your spiritual harmony using yoga or meditation.

Libra - Social events await you

This week will be incredibly appropriate for communicating with new people. Mercury's passage into Leo this Friday advises you to accept invitations for dates and events of a social nature. Things will turn for the better in your finances as well. You need to make a few compromises in your career if you want things to run smoothly in the professional aspect.

Scorpio - Don't be worried about flaunting

If you want a new job, bet on flaunting. The spotlight is pointed toward you this week, so don't worry if you often become the center of attention; instead use the opportunity to display your abilities. This week, the planetary aspects provide the opportunity for you to impress the right people.

Sagittarius - Let go of your anxieties

Now is the time to focus on deep personal problems. It will be of utmost importance to let go of everything that's worrying you. This will encourage a powerful inner transformation. You will expand your horizons and plan new adventures and travels.


Capricorn - Surround yourself with influential people

This week, the planetary aspects advise you to surround yourself with influential people, who will significantly help you in the future. Successes in business won't pass you by. This is one of the best periods in the year for your career. All you have to do is not think small but risk boldly instead.

Aquarius - You move up the career ladder

Your love relationship and all your social contacts will reach their peak this week. In the days up until August 3rd, you will be remarkably mobile, and the invitations for hanging out with friends won't stop coming. You will become more decisive in your career. You will earn trust, giving you the chance to climb up the professional ladder.

Pisces - Fulfill your goals one by one

This week you will think deeply about your work, health and everyday habits. Your desire to fulfill your dreams becomes key for you. To do this, you need to begin with what seems possible. Expect a great change, both externally and internally.



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