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What Awaits the Zodiac Signs Until March 27?


This week, Mercury will join the Sun in fiery Aries, which opens up the opportunities for great changes. On Wednesday, there's a full moon in Libra, which corresponds to the partial lunar eclipse and will heighten our sensitivity.

Aries - Many new impressions lie ahead

The new week will fill you with impressions, all having to do with short trips or something educational. You'll enrich your viewpoint and your days will be loaded with diverse experiences. In your love relationship, try to make more compromises, in order to avoid emotional dramas. Communication and sharing are the key to stability in the romantic aspect. At work, only take on assignments that you know will portray you in the best light and don't take up any additional projects.


Taurus - Be more artistic

Show your more artistic side this week, without worrying about others people's opinion. Exploring new horizons may turn out advantageous and in the future you may use the new acquaintances you create, following your impulse for creativity. Express yourself without fear and share your ideas because you'll be met with understanding. Use the days around the full moon to finish up old projects.

Gemini - You'll easily communicate in large groups

Communication in large groups will be your strong side this week. You may even get into humanitarian causes that will introduce you to new people. Teamwork is encouraged this week. You won't find any difficulty in communicating with coworkers and friends. Your desire to make an excellent impression at work may negatively affect your romantic relationship. If your work project is a creative one, then be sure to work on it, otherwise pay attention to the romance in your life.

Cancer - Achievements at work

This week you may shine in the professional aspect. Your plans for progress at work will begin to be realized, as long as you're diligent enough to make an impression in your bosses. You'll have to limit yourself a bit in your daily life and not spend money on everything that you glimpse upon. Pay attention to your home and family because the balance between your professional and personal life is the key to your happiness.

Leo - Creativity will enable you to grow

New people, short trips and intellectual activities will stimulate and satisfy you all week. You may expand your worldview with new ideas and beliefs. You'll be bold enough to explore new horizons of your development, while you'll also find true happiness if you work on a creative project. The week is perfect for changes and overcoming old fears. Your brothers or sisters, if you have any, may be having problems and won't have any good news for you.

Virgo - You'll resolve old problems


This week you can confess your troubles to someone you trust because you'll find understanding and support. You'll resolve an old family issue or past problem, providing you great relief. You may be torn between the past and future - your challenge is to overcome all your fears and learn the necessary lessons. Be careful when shopping, don't spend needlessly in the days until March 27.

Libra - Be practical and cautious

Dialogue is important for maintaining friendly and collegiate relations this week. Communication will bring you new successes, while the active exchange of ideas may lead to successful and beneficial partnerships. Be more practical and cautious this week, while working only on projects that have a real chance for realization. The full moon in your sign can make you more emotional. The time is perfect for getting rid of everything unneeded in your life.

Scorpio - Don't ignore the details

This week you'll have to focus on your daily responsibilities and work with attention to every little detail, in order to spare yourself problems now and in the future. Use your mind and don't let chance and fate save you from unpleasant situations. In the days until March 27 you may solve your financial difficulties thanks to ideas from others around you. Conflicts are possible while you're trying to defend your personal wants, which are at odds with the interests of friends or coworkers. Find time for solitude as well, in order to raise your spirits.

Sagittarius - You have an opportunity for creative realization

This week you'll have excellent opportunities for creative realization and more romance. You'll be brave and energetic enough to risk when new and unfamiliar horizons appear in front of you. Briefly forget about your professional plans since this week you won't have any chance for progress, no matter how hard you try. Pay attention to your partner's needs and don't ignore them for your spontaneous desires.

Capricorn - Spend more time with the family

Pay more attention to your home and family this week. You'll feel comfortable among loved ones, sharing your memories. The familiar setting is important for your peace of mind this week. Any task done at home will be productive, while your relations with your family will enjoy complete harmony. Professionally, you'll have to fight for your dreams and overcome your fears of possible failure. Your professional ambitions will clash with your romantic life.

Aquarius - Your ideas will bring you successes


This week you won't be lacking any good ideas for professional growth. But no matter what you decide to do, seek the opinion of the people around you. Working collectively will prove successful, while your coworkers will support you. Conflicts are possible in the love aspect because you won't fully fulfill your partner's expectations. Be very careful with money and your personal possessions this week because there is a risk of theft.

Pisces - It's time to be more independent

Focus on your financial and material needs this week. In the days until March 27 you can perform actions which will help your professional realization and make you more independent. Avoid arguments with higher ups because they'll only hurt you. Share everything that's happening with your romantic partner and don't ignore them because this will negatively influence your relations.



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